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Growth Hormone

My eyes were closed as I felt the warm water run over my over-developed muscles. I had already soaped and washed up, so my body was clean. But now I was just enjoying the relaxing sensation. The heat felt good spreading down my hugely pumped but extremely sore shoulders and chest. I turned around and let the relief also engulf my back. I could have stayed in the shower at the gym for a long time, but had a full day ahead of me.
The tiled bathing area was empty as I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself off with towel brought from home. Continuing to rub my body with the absorbent material, I walked into the locker room.
“What a shithole,” I said to myself, noting the cracks in the bare concrete walls and the stains and tears in the thin carpeting. “I’ll be glad when I get back to my old gym.”
  Previously I had lifted weights at a popular gym that catered to the average man or women looking to improve their level of fitness. But now I needed a more hardcore gym; a facility where I could meet guys that knew about steroids and growth hormone and where these substances were available. So here I was at City Iron, a small gym in the basement of an old building on the edge of town. And the place was crawling with enormous bodybuilders, many of which were in the middle of some cycle of the illegal compounds. Of course, the goal was to get as big as possible without much regard for the side effects or negative implications in the future. “Life it too short to be small” was their motto; and I was here to join them  
  And join them I did. I quickly met some of the big musclemen and one hooked me up with his supplier. Turns out he knew a veterinarian that would sell growth hormones used on horses or cattle to the bodybuilders. I had driven out to the ranch where Ed worked and he gave me all I needed. Not only did he have a wide range of hormones to choose from, but also he allowed me to purchase a brand new type that would “pack on the size like nothing you’ve ever seen,” Ed guaranteed.  
  Ed was absolutely correct  I had blown up with huge amounts of muscle in less than two months. True, I was muscular already, but not with size anything near like this. Now I even walked like a professional bodybuilder I thought, as I moved toward the wall of lockers. After the door was opened, I removed my boxers and pulled them up. “Strange,” I thought to myself as I looked down, “I don’t remember that.” The only negative side effect from this new powerful hormone was that my midsection had grown much larger in addition to the rest of the body. Even though the ridges of my abs were still visible (albeit slightly), now there was a very pronounced roundness as if there was a watermelon in my stomach. But my belly seemed much larger now. It stuck out well past my over-developed pecs, and blocked most of my view of the bench beneath the lockers.  
  Must be my imagination though. When I heard someone walking in, I turned back towards the open locker and began to look for my jeans.
  “Damn, man, what’s up with the gut?” someone stated in a deep husky voice. An extremely large bodybuilder wearing a tight red tank top was staring at me.
   “Your belly’s a helluva lot bigger now than was just a couple weeks back,” he noted with a puzzled look on his face, “What kind of shit are you on?”
  “Uh, just some new growth,” I responded, and placed my hand on top of my protruding gut. “It’s just some bloat. It’ll go away when I get off this cycle.”
  “Man, I ain’t never seen anybody’s belly blow up like that.  I swear you’ve swallowed a basketball ”
   I looked back down at my growing stomach. It did stick out much further than I remembered. My gaze went back to the muscle bound man for a moment when I heard the sound of a locker door shutting. He turned and began to walk out of the room. As the big bodybuilder passed by, he gave my protruding gut a poke.
  “You’d better take care of that thing soon, man; it looks like its about to pop ”
   My mind was racing as I reached into the locker and pulled out a pair of jeans. Yeah, I knew my midsection was growing faster than it should. As a matter of fact, the jeans were newly purchased, as my old pairs were getting too tight. The new pair of 38’s was bought at a thrift store, knowing that I would only temporarily need a size this big. Once I got the bloat under control, I’d be back into the 34s.
   I pulled the jeans up, but left the button fly un-fastened. It was a tight squeeze over my hugely developed quads, but this was not unusual regardless of my waist size. I sat down on the wooded bench and began to put on my footwear.
  “Oooff,” I grunted a little as I pulled on the big boots. The size of my torso made it more difficult than expected to bend over. Once the pair was on, I stood up and fastened all three buttons on the jeans. The top one was a little tighter than I thought it would be.
  “Strange,” I muttered to myself, “I’d swear these were plenty loose when I bought them last week; but now they’re a close fit.”
  The locker room had several large mirrors on the walls, but none near where I was standing. I moved over a few steps and checked out the startling reflection of my big body.
  I was huge  Not just unusually muscular, which I expected, but my belly was a perfectly round sphere that stuck off my body and out into space. The huge bodybuilder was right – I looked like I had swallowed a basketball. I ran my hand around the curve of the bulging belly. It took several seconds to make the trip from just below my pecs to the top of my jeans. How did my midsection get so big so fast? Maybe I should go back to Ed at the ranch and ask him what’s happening.

  I turned away from the startling reflection, and took a couple of steps back to my locker. A voice came from down the hall. “Hey, you ‘bout ready?”
The speaker was a former workout partner that was meeting me for dinner. Justin was a very handsome young man who was attempting to become a male model. With his chiseled features and muscular but very lean build, he definitely had the look and the attitude to be a success.
“I’m almost ready.” I shouted towards the doorway. “Hold on. I’ll be right there.” Hopefully, this would keep Justin outside of the locker room until I could get my oversized shirt on. I didn’t want him to see my swollen belly when it’s so noticeable.
When I heard Justin gasp, I knew the plan had not worked.
“Damn, dude,” he stated, as I looked up to face him, “What happened to your gut? You look like you’re about 8 months pregnant ”
I placed a hand on the top of the rounded belly. “I’m just getting a little bloated due to the growth shit. It’ll go down soon as I’m off.”
“Man, I don’t know,” Justin noted with a grin, then reached out to pat the tan ball. “You’ve really blown up in just the past few weeks. Have you talked to Ed about what’s happened?”
The young stud was familiar with Ed and how several of the big bodybuilders here had bought drugs from him. Ed was not just a dealer, but was a knowledgeable bodybuilder in his own right and did make recommendations to his customers.
“No, I haven’t yet. But I will if I don’t get this under control.” With that statement, I finally put on the light blue, short sleeve denim shirt I had been holding for several minutes. As I started fastening the buttons, Justin gave my protruding midsection a poke.      “You sure that shirt’ll fit over that belly? You’re gonna need maternity stuff with that big gut ”
“No problem” I stated, then proved it by easily closing the last button. The shirt did fit well, as the sleeves were cut high, accentuating my huge biceps. I was a little surprised that the shirt was not as loose as I expected.

Justin offered to drive us to the restaurant and I gladly accepted the ride in his new yellow Jeep. We had selected a Chinese food establishment that featured an all-you-can-eat special, which I had partaken of on several other occasions.
It was not very crowded that afternoon, and we selected a table in the middle of the main room. The two of us ate like we had not had a meal in days. Although Justin always kept his body fat percentage low and maintained his deeply “cut” abs, he was not a lightweight at the dinner table. His genetics and work out regimen turned all the extra calories into muscle.
We continued to pack away the rice, chicken, beef and everything else that was available. Justin drank water but I had the waiter keep a constant flow of beer coming. Finally, the dark haired stud leaned back in his chair. “I’m stuffed, man. How ‘bout ‘chu?” I placed another empty plate off to the side and motioned to the server for another. “Not quite done yet.” I answered.
Justin just sat and stared in amazement as I continued to eat.
“Sesame Chicken?” our waiter asked of me. “Sure.”
“Fried Pork?”
“Moo Goo Gai Pan?”
“Why, yes.”
“Beef and Broccoli?”
Over thirty minutes had passed since my companion had completed his meal. “Urrrpppp..” a loud belch escaped from deep within my stuffed stomach.
Justin reacted. “Are you finally finished? Dude, you’re a fuckin’ hog  No wonder you gut’s all blown up ”
“Uhh…, I’m not quite… through,” I replied, then turned to the waiter. “Runnin’ a little low on fried rice and beer here; how ‘bout some help?”
“Well, shit, I’m not hangin’ around here just to watch you explode,” Justin said, as he started to get up. “I gotta pick up something at Wolf’s; I’ll meet you outside.”
“OK, 15 minutes?”
“Yeah.” The buff young man was gone.
Wolf’s was a clothing store at the other end of the shopping center. Justin’s estimate on his return seemed reasonable, but I should be finished soon in any case. But even though I was feeling full, I was still hungry. Plate after plate continued to be placed in front of me and I could not stop eating.

Eventually I had enough. I stood up and realized the weight of what I had consumed. Glancing down, I noticed that my belly was protruding much further than when I arrived. Each step I took towards the front counter emphasized the heavy ball attached to my body. Several patrons chuckled and pointed as I waddled to the cashier with both hands clutching the sides of the hugely bloated stomach.
After paying the bill, I stepped out onto the sidewalk and then heard a loud gasp.
“Holy shit, have you been eating this whole time?” Justin asked as he walked up to me. “I’ve been gone almost forty five minutes and you’re just finishing? No wonder you’ve blown up like a fuckin’ blimp ”
He gave my swollen belly a punch.
“Shit…, man…, take it easy.” I rubbed the ridiculously stuffed stomach with both hands. “This thing’s… awful full.
“Yeah, dude, your giant gut’s about to burst outta that shirt.”
I looked down and realized instantly that the young hunk was correct. The buttons were straining to hold in the much larger sphere.  Justin then reached out again and began to poke the oversized belly, but this time he was gentle.
“You gotta go see Ed about this thing man. You’re scary big now ”
“I don’t know… what’s happenin’. I am fuckin’ starving all the time… and my belly just seems to grow and grow to hold it all. Maybe I had better go talk to Ed… and he can give me something to deflate this fucker down.”
“Let me take you over there right now. He’s usually around on a Saturday ‘bout this time.”
“Uh, URRPPPP,” I let out a loud belch, and continued, “OK…, that’s probably good.”

Justin quickly walked across the parking lot to his Jeep. I was very slowly following him, trying to deal with the significant amount a weight my body was now carrying. Once the passenger door was opened, I carefully moved through the opening and lowered my bloated body to the seat. I leaned back with a loud OOOOOFF.

The big round ball was even more noticeable now, pushed upward by my huge quads. The belly shelf extended almost straight out and it was obvious that the buttons were straining.
Justin was looking at the sphere with a grin on his face. “We’d better get going ‘for that things pops ”

Minutes later, Justin was speeding down the highway when we came to an unexpected red traffic light. “Shit” he muttered, slamming on the brakes, and bringing the car to an abrupt halt.
“Whoa, there, man, be careful. Don’t wanna move this thing so sharply,” I requested, then placed a hand on top of the big ball belly and moaned slightly.
“You’re hurting aren’t ya?” he asked, revealing a slight grin.
“Yeah…, I thought I’d start to feel… a little better… after all the food had settled, but I fell a little worse. Its almost like the pressure’s getin” stronger.”
PPPRIIPPPPTTT  CLICK  CLACK  We both had heard the sound.
“What was that?” I wondered
“Check it out man, that was a button on your shirt. You’ve had a blowout ”
I looked down at my swollen belly and noticed that the buttons seemed to be straining more than before. “But surely that’s just because I’m sitting down,” I thought to myself. “I can’t see the missing button, it must be past my line of sight.”
“Shit, dude, look at your gut  You’re swellin’ up ”
“What. Fuck, you’re right ” I agreed. My stuffed stomach was slowing growing in every direction
The shape was not changing; just the ball was getting larger.
I placed each hand on the corresponding side of the expanding sphere “What’s happenin to me? ”
The traffic light had finally turned green and we were moving along at a rate that already was exceeding the speed limit.
“It must be the rice,” Justin theorized. “You know what happens to rice when it soaks up a liquid right?”
“It expands. And you buddy, ate a SHIT… LOAD of rice back there then drank all that beer. You’re gonna get BIG ”
“Fuck  I’m already big,” I noted as I looked down. “Just get me to Ed’s place quick ”
Then we heard that familiar ripping and popping sound.
“DAMMIT ” I exclaimed, “There goes another button ”
Justin pressed harder on the accelerator. “I’d better get you to the ranch before you gut blows ”
We were only making good time for a couple of minutes when that dreaded sound filled the air – the siren from a police car.
“SHIT ” Justin nearly yelled. “That’s the last thing we need. You’re inflating like a damn balloon and now we’re stuck ”
As per the standard instructions, we gradually slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road where there was an extra wide shoulder. I looked back and forth to the cop’s reflection in the side mirror and to my still growing stomach.
Soon the office stuck his head in Justin’s window. And what a handsome head it was  The cop was about 30 years old with short dark hair and a square face with a strong jaw. He appeared to be very solidly built although I could only see a portion of his shoulders and chest.  
His bright blue eyes twinkled when he spoke. “So guys, what’s the rush?”
“Uh, my buddy here’s not feeling well. I’m taking him to a doctor.” Justin answered in his defense, not mentioning that the doctor was a veterinarian that had sold illegal growth hormone to me.
The cop looked my direction and the expression on the cop’s face turned to one of confusion. “What’s wrong with his stomach?”  
“Uh, he just ate way too much,” was Justin’s explanation.
“Get out of the vehicle, both of you,” the officer ordered.
I opened the door and slowly made my way out, awkwardly trying to balance the extreme size and weight of my growing mid section. I staggered, taking a couple of steps towards the rear of the Jeep and then leaned back against it’s side.
My stomach stuck straight out in front of me with only a few remaining buttons desperately trying to hold in the expanding ball. I could hear Justin telling the story of my predicament as he and the officer walked around the back of the vehicle and approached me.
“And his gut’s still growing,” Justin finished his explanation with a gesture towards the big belly. The officer stepped close to me, reached his hand out and began to pat the swollen ball. “Damn, that’s a huge belly. Never seen one stick out like that.”
“Check it out, if you watch him from the side view, you can see it expand,” Justin suggested.
The officer moved over one step and was able to get the perfect view of my profile. “My God, you’re right  He’s swellin’ up ” He placed his head close to the big sphere and gave it a poke. “And listen. It’s sounds like a rubber balloon is being inflated. But it’s his belly ”
Just then another button flew off the shirt and the tan ball pouched out a little further.
“Damn, we’d better get him to a hospital before he pops  Gut like that can’t get much bigger ”
“That’s ok,” Justin suggested, “We’ve got a buddy of ours that’s a doctor and he’s just down the street. We’ll get there quicker than to a hospital from here.”
”Alright, then I can lead you in the squad car.”
“You don’t have to do that, we’ll get there in just a minute anyway.” Justin turned to me and gestured to get in the car. “Let’s go, Balloon Belly before you burst.”
I started to slowly step back towards the front of the Jeep.
“OK, if you’re sure he’ll be alright,” The stud cop opened the passenger door. “Here let me help.” He assisted with the lowering of my oversized body into the seat. The officer then patted the top of my belly for several seconds then closed the door. “Take it easy with that stomach. Don’t want anything to happen to it ”
“Thanks man.” Justin said to the policeman as we began to drive away. I watched the handsome figure disappear in the side mirror.
“Shit, he sure was hot for you,” Justin claimed, “Your huge belly really turned him on.”
“He did seem to touch it a lot,” I noted, “And he was gorgeous  The muscle was just packed onto that body ”
“Did you see the look on his face when he heard the sounds of your giant gut inflating like a balloon? He probably almost came in those tight pants of his.”
“Shit, another button. Man your gut’s still ballooning up. We gotta get you to Ed. I hope he can deflate you back down to normal ” Justin exclaimed as we sped towards the ranch.

Finally, we turned into the large gravel parking lot and pulled into an open space against a split rail fence. I turned the door handle, pushed and then wedged my blown up body through the opening. It was difficult at first to get my balance, and after glancing down, it was obvious why. My huge gut stuck out a foot from beneath my extremely well developed pecs. All of the buttons had popped off my shirt, and the tattered remains hung straight down framing the large tan sphere. I leaned back against the Jeep and took a deep breath. Justin approached from behind the vehicle.
“Man, you’re fuckin’ huge ” he noted with a grin. I could only respond with a slight moan.
“Why don’t you just rest that blimped up gut for a minute while I go look for Ed,” Justin suggested, then started to walk towards one of the buildings. “Hey, looks like your admirer is here,” he noted and headed across the parking lot.

I slowly moved from leaning against the Jeep to standing upright, and then began to walk. As soon as I reached the end of the vehicle, I met up with the object of Justin’s comment. It was the gorgeous cop  The police car was parked behind the row of pick-ups, and he was standing only a few feet away. He had an excited, surprised look on his face as if he was both stunned and impressed.
“Damn, you’ve gotten even bigger,” the cop noted with a big smile, “Looks like you’ve got a beach ball inside your stomach. How do you feel?”
“Uhhh… kinda… stuffed…” I replied, placing my hand on top of the ball gut, “I feel like… I’m ‘bout… to explode ”
The hunk took a step closer and started to poke the belly balloon. “Man, it’s so big but so firm. Like it’s packed tight,” he stated. “No wonder you feel like you’re gonna pop ”
His hand changed it’s motion from a poking to a gentle rubbing of the perfect sphere. “That’s awesome, man. Just awesome  I’d like to..”
A loud but slightly garbled voice came from his squad car. I couldn’t understand what was said exactly, but he did.
“Hey, it’s a call, I gotta go. I sure like to meet up with you again though.” He started to hurriedly fish around in his pockets. “By the way, I’m Officer DaRossa, but you can call me Joey. Here, call me sometime if you’d like.” He handed me a small white card.
“Thanks…, I’d like to... I’m Adam.”
“Great meeting you,” he stated while grabbing my hand and shaking it. He quickly patted my belly one more time than turned. “Take care of that thing ” he said before he got into his car.
I was watching the hunk drive away when I heard Justin shouting.
“Hey Blimp Belly, Ed’s in here. Come on ” Justin was standing in front of a large, brown wooden building. It looked like a barn from the front, but had another structure attached to one side and the rear.
I started to walk across the gravel parking lot. It was a much more difficult task than expected. The shape and weight of my protruding belly through off my balance, and the still extreme pressure coming from within made the walk a challenge. I could see Justin laughing at my waddle/strut as I staggered to meet him.
“Man, your gut’s so big you can’t even walk,” he gave the blown up belly a poke. “Let’s hope that Ed can get that fucker under control…”

Part II

  Justin slid open the large wooden door and we both stepped through the entrance. The inside of the building was a spacious room, with a hard plank floor and rough paneled walls. Various pieces of equipment and tools were stored on wide, hand-made tables and hung from hooks on the walls. A tall man was working at one of the tables and turned when he heard us enter. He appeared to be around 50 years old and was wearing cowboy style work clothes, from dusty boots and jeans to an old straw hat.
“Whatchu fellas doin’ here?” he questioned.
“Heard Ed was back here; is he?” Justin replied with a question of his own.
“Yeah, down that hall. Room in the back.”
It didn’t seem like the old cowboy was going to be very talkative or friendly, so we both were going to continue on. But then he spoke.
“Looks like you knocked up your boyfriend there,” he stated, while looking at Justin, but gesturing towards me. “He must be carryin’ twins.”
“Nah, he’s just a little bloated,” Justin replied with a grin, then pointed towards my huge gut. “He just eats too much and drinks too much.”
”So it’s an oversized beer belly, eehh? “Damn, looks like there’s a whole party ball in that thing.”
I felt a need to make him understand my plight, but how do I explain the whole growth hormone situation?
“Nah, it ain’t beer man,” I said, “It’s just that, uh, Ed gave me some pills that would help me get big muscles and it made my belly big too.” I flexed my huge biceps when I said the word “muscles” for added emphasis.
“Oh, I think I know what happened,” the cowboy said, “Ed musta fed you some of these by mistake.” The older man picked up a small object off one of the shelves and stepped towards us. “What’s that?” Justin wondered.
“It’s a compressed helium capsule,” the cowboy noted then continued, “When triggered it releases helium; we use it to inflate stuff around here.” He reached out and lightly tapped the top of my ball belly. “And by the size of your stomach son, I’d say you musta swallowed at least a half dozen of these.”
Justin chucked as I looked down at the tan sphere sticking out from my hyper muscular body. It did appear that I had been inflated as my belly was so perfectly rounded.
“Let me give you some advice son; don’t eat no more of these things,” the cowboy noted as he continued to jab the top of my gut. “That giant belly of yours can’t get bigger.  You’ll pop like a cheap balloon  POW ”
The tall man laughed as he gave my inflated stomach another poke.
Justin touched my shoulder and indicated that we should leave to find Ed. As I started down the hall Justin said to the cowboy, “Don’t worry, man. I’ll make sure he doesn’t put anything else in that ballooned up gut. I’m hoping to help deflate him down to something less scary.”

We walked down the long hall towards an opening beyond which the ceiling was noticeably higher. The walls were the same rough wood we had seen throughout. As we entered the spacious room, there was a short wall to our right, and past that, the back of the tall, muscular figure of Ed.
“Hey, Big Ed,” Justin said loudly as he walked past the end of the wall, “What’s up man?”
The tall muscular man turned around and smiled. “Justin, how you doing?” he replied, as the two men shook hands, “Man, Adam, you’re lookin’ SWOLE  That growth must really be workin’ ”
Justin grinned as he and I realized that Ed could only see from my huge pecs and upwards as the rest of my body was still behind the short wall. “There’s been one side effect,” Justin said and motioned for me to step out into the center of the room. “Check this out ”
With that, I moved beyond the end of the wall and now my hugely swollen stomach was in full view. Ed’s eyes widened in disbelief,  “Holy shit man, is that really your belly? It looks like you swallowed a fit ball ” Ed practically yelled, referring to the big exercise balls used in the gym. Justin was still grinning ear-to-ear. “Oh yeah, that fucker’s real,” he noted, and moved towards me. “Look ” With that, the handsome model stepped behind me and grabbed my shirt. Before I could react, he had quickly pulled it off, leaving me standing shirtless in the middle of the room with my spherical belly jutting out. Ed stepped towards the tan ball with a look of shock on his face.
“What the hell have you been eating?” he asked, then pressed a finger into the giant gut. “That thing looks like it could pop at any second ”
“Man, he overeats like a mother,” Justin replied, “You wouldn’t believe what he feeds that fucker ”
“Shit man, its that damn GH you gave me,” I countered. “It makes me fuckin’ hungry all the time. I can’t stop eating and every meal is like a Thanksgiving Day feast for ten people ”
“What the hell?” the voice came from off to my side somewhere. I turned to see another young man walk into the room. He was short and very muscular wearing a tight white t-shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat. The bodybuilder was a guy I knew named Cory. I had met him back when I first joined the gym and he was the one that had informed me of Ed and his operation. I knew that Cory worked here on the ranch but I had not seen him in the gym in a long time.
Cory had a huge grin on his face as he approached. “Hey, blimp boy, what happened to you? Somebody stick an air hose in your ass and turn it on full blast?”
The others laughed at this comment and Ed gave my balloon belly another poke. “Yeah, this sure does look blown up. No more man or you’re gonna burst ”
“Come on you fuckers, help me out” I pleased, “It’s your shit that did this to me. There’s gotta be something you can do to get this deflated down.” I continued placing my hands on the sides of the belly ball.
“Hey, you wanted to be freaky huge right? Cory asked, “Well, dude check out your pecs and bis. You’re as big as the pros man. And with that gut too, you are a FREAK ”
”Can’t you give me something that’ll take out some of this bloat though and get me down to closer to normal size?” I asked
Ed looked over at Cory then back at me and my gut. “Well, I think it’s time we tell him what happened…”
”What happened,” I repeated, “What do you mean?”
”Here walk this way,” Ed stated, then added with a wink “If you can”.
Justin and I began to follow Ed and Cory out of the room and into another. I moved a lot slower than the other guys; still getting used to balancing my protruding belly as I walked. We entered the actual barn and immediately came upon some horses in their stalls. Ed spoke as we walked.
“See, we were just going to give you the artificial growth hormone, but we found it really makes you big if we mix it with some actual horse hormone,” Ed continued his explanation. “So we added in some hormone from one of our most athletic horses, Thunder. We discovered one slight problem though.”
”What was that?” I asked.
“Look ” We had just passed the edge of a wooden stall and I could now see a horse lying on the floor that had been covered in hay. ‘This is Thunder,” Ed stated with a gesture towards the animal.
What caught my attention immediately, and Justin’s, was that the horse had an enormous round belly. Ed bent down and began to gently pat the oversized stomach on the horse as I approached with eyes bulging.
“Turns out that Thunder was pregnant when we gave you it’s hormone. See? Her belly’s blown up in just the past couple of months,” Ed noted, then turned up to and spoke to me. “Just like you.” He reached back down and poked the animal’s giant stomach and stated, “Her belly’s so huge but firm,” he turned again and looked directly at me and reached towards my mid section. “Just like you,” he said as he gave my belly a few gentle pats.
I looked down at my obscenely oversized stomach. “No fucking way  You mean I’m pregnant?” Before I could finish my statement, Justin was standing next to me, examining the spherical gut. “And you’re carrying a colt? ?” the muscular model asked. Ed stood up and placed his hand on my belly shelf. “Yeah, and it looks like you could go into labor any time now ”
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This sure explained the gruesome overeating and the ridiculous size and shape of my belly, but could I actually be carrying a baby animal? I looked down at the tan sphere and began to rub it all around.
Just then both Ed and Cory broke out into loud laughter. “Damn, dude, you actually believed you were pregnant with a baby horse ” Cory could hardly speak as he was laughing. “You gotta have a fuckin’ huge belly to think you’re about to give birth to a colt ”
Ed gave my ballooned gut a sharp jab. “No babies in there, even if it looks like it. Nah, just a helluva lot of beer, pizza, burgers and cakes ”
I was still holding on to the sides of my giant belly, somewhat relived that I as not incubating an animal inside. ‘Ok, very funny. NOW can you give me something to deflate this thing down?”
All three guys were still laughing, but Ed finally replied, “Yeah, actually there is something that I think will help, but we don’t have any here. I was just going to the pharmacy to pick up some shit and I’ll get it then. Why don’t you come back Monday and we’ll see if it helps.”
“Hey, I don’t wanna stay blown up like this til Monday; I’ll just wait here til you get back.”
“You sure?” Ed questioned, “It’ll probably take a couple of hours.”
”Oh, yeah, I can wait.”
Cory and Ed maintained the big grins on their faces, turned and left the room, but not before one last poke of my amazing belly.
Justin was smiling too as he pointed to the my sphere, “That was funny as shit man. You did think that you had a baby horse in that thing didn’t you?”
I stepped over to a low, large wooden table and sat down on it, leaning back against the wall. Placing my right hand on top of the belly shelf I responded, “Man, I didn’t know what to think. This fucker’s gotten so out of control, it coulda been anything growing in here. I’m still not so sure that there ain’t something inside of me.”

We talked for a few more minutes when we heard a voice from down the hallway.
“BACK HERE ” I shouted.
Through the door came a middle aged man rolling a beer keg along in a dolly. He was dressed in black slacks and a shirt that had the words “6TH Street Kegs” over the pocket.
“You guys ordered a keg?” He asked.
“Uhh, yeah, sure,” I got up and walked towards him.
His eyes expanded as he noted the size of my belly. “Sign here buddy.”
I looked at the form and say Ed’s name at the bottom. I signed his name in the space provided and handed the clipboard back.
“Thanks buddy. Where do you want it?” he wanted to know.  I pointed to the end of the long table that I had been sitting on.
Once the keg had been put in place, the man turned to leave. He couldn’t resist one comment though. “Don’t drink to much of that keg buddy,” he pointed towards my belly, “Looks like that gut’s about to pop already. You got a couple of cases in there already?”
“Yeah, but there’s always room for a little more beer,” I said with a grin and patted the top of the ball belly.
He laughed and proceeded to leave.
“You’re not really gonna drink more are you? He’s right; you’ll fuckin’burst ”
“Oh, I can handle a little beer,” I countered, gently patting the top of my rounded stomach. “Those guys aren’t gonna be back for a while, a few glasses wont hurt.”
“Ok, if you say so, but it sure looks like that belly balloon will blow open if you add anything to it ”
I tapped the keg and looked around for a glass of some type. When my search turned out unsuccessful, a better idea came to me. I placed the end of the hose in my mouth and took in a large gulp of the cold malted beverage. After I had swallowed continuously for over 30 seconds, Justin stated, “Whoa, man, take it easy. At least come up for air ”
I took the hose out of my mouth and grinned. “Heh, heh, I didn’t realize I was so thirsty. Man this tastes awesome ” I held the end of the hose out towards Justin, “You want some?”
“Uhh, no thanks,” He answered while staring at my spit on the hose. “It’s all yours.”
“Suit yourself” I said, then put the hose back in my mouth.

I opened my eyes and all I could see was wood; two-by-sixes in a giant “X” pattern supporting planks laid next to each other. “What is this?” I thought to myself. “Oh yeah, I’m still in the office attached to the barn.” I was a little disoriented but I did remember drinking from the keg of beer and now I was lying on my back on the floor. I turned my head to the left side and looked up. The metal keg was very visible with a black hose extending down towards me and into my mouth. At that moment I was overcome by a sensation of fullness and a noticeable soreness in my stomach. I lifted my hands off the floor and felt the sides of my belly. It seemed as if I made contact with my skin more quickly than expected. I pulled my arms back, braced myself on my elbows and raised my head up to take a look.
I could not believe my eyes at the towering tan mound before me.
“HOLE... LEE... SHIT ” I exclaimed as I stared at the giant ball. “How much fuckin’ beer did I drink ?” I thought to myself. My belly was much bigger than when I arrived at Ed’s, amazing considering it’s original size. Even the tips of my boots and not much of the desk and wall in the distance were visible. “OOOHHH… what…burrppp… have I done?” I asked aloud.  I tired to move but was trapped by the size and weight of my gigantic stomach. “Where had that fucker Justin gone?” I thought in my head. “I’m not going to be able to get up without some help.”
Slowly my head was lowered back down on the floor and I spit out the hose that was still attached to the keg. Both hands were still clutching the bowed out sides of my ballooned up gut when I heard the door open.
“OH MY GOD ” I recognized the voice as Ed’s “Check out the blimp ”
“What happened to your belly dude? Cory asked, “You look like you swallowed a barrel ”
The muscular men finally stepped close enough that I could see them and the stunned expressions on their faces.
“Damn, how much beer did you drink?” Cory wondered. Ed walked around my blown up body and reached over to give the keg a push. The lighter than expected container rolled off the shelf and onto the floor. “Fuck, the kegs’ empty  He’s drained the whole keg ”
I just let out a loud moan when I heard this statement. Ed walked up to my side and began to kick the side of my huge spherical stomach.
“OOOOOFFF… Hey, man… be careful…” I struggled to say, “Your boots… they’re so… fuckin’ pointed… I’m too blown up… you’re gonna… pop me ”
“Damn, I should pop you, you fuckin’ fat hog. You drank all our beer  How could you put more into that gigantic gut?” Ed gave the beer balloon another kick.
“Help… man… deflate me… back down.”
Cory leaned over and began to poke the top of the mountainous belly. “Dude, you can hear the sloshing in this thing.” He turned to look at me. “You’re gonna have to piss like a mother here soon; that’ll deflate you down some.”
I heard a distinct “Hmmmphhff” from Ed, but he didn’t say more and I could not see him or what he was doing.
Suddenly, an opaque, hard plastic cylinder was placed in my mouth. Ed was trying to stick this tube down my throat.
“What… are you… gonna do?,” I asked, “Drain… some… of the beer… outta me?”
“Just keep swallowing.”
I followed his instructions until the tube extended well down my throat and into the top of my very bloated stomach.
Ed moved back away from me and then I heard a mechanical sound. The tube quickly filled up, but from the portion in the mouth first then down the throat. A look of panic crossed my face.
“Shit, Ed… what… are you doing? Are you pumping… more… beer… into me?”
Ed stepped back next to me so that I could see his face. “Nah, you’re being filled with oats.” Now my face took on a puzzled look. Ed explained. “This is a tube we use to fill the horses feeding troughs with oats and now I’m using it to fill up you. You obviously like a hugely bloated stomach, so I’m gonna make sure you have one for a while. The oats will absorb the beer, so you won’t piss all of the beer away. Your gonna stay nice and big for a while ”
So that was his plan – give me a more solid belly that would not drain away for hours. How long will I stay this huge? How am I going to get up and move around? All these questions ran through my mind, but all I did was moan.
Ed began to guide Cory out of my sight. “We’ll be back to check on you in a minute, blimp.”
I could feel my belly getting heavier. The extreme pressure already present was not worsening, but it seemed like the weight was increasing. I could also feel the areas where the beer was being absorbed versus those where the contents were more liquid.
After a few minutes though, the pressure did begin to increase. I raised my head and was horrified to see my towering belly slowly begin to swell.
I yelled out, not knowing where the two muscle studs were.
Immediately, they appeared and walked over to where I was still lying. Ed went back behind and gestured towards Cory. “Check out his gut; is he done?”
Cory leaned over with a big grin on his face. He tapped my belly several times, beginning near my navel and working around the surface of the sphere. Then he thumped the ball in three different places.
“What am I…, a fuckin’… watermelon? Am I… ripe?” I asked.
Cory snickered. “Dude, you look like you’ve swallowed half a dozen watermelons.” The young stud turned to Ed. “He’s ready alright. His gut’s solid as a rock ”
Ed stopped the machine and pulled the hose out of my mouth and bent over me. He gave the tight balloon a few taps. “Awesome. You’re solid man. It’s like there’s a big boulder inside your stomach.” He stood back up. “So can you get up?”
Interesting question I thought. I tried to sit up using the normal method, but my heavy belly would hardly budge. Then I began to turn onto my side, thinking I could eventually get onto my hands and knees, then get up from there.
“Hey, give him a hand,” Ed suggested and motioned to Cory to assist. The two strong men quickly positioned themselves along my right side and began to lift and push. “Just roll him up onto his belly,” Ed said with a smile. I did turn onto my side and then up onto my belly. But the force was too great. Since my hands and knees barely touched the ground I couldn’t stabilize myself quick enough and I kept rolling until I was completely on my back again.
Cory laughed. “Hey, his gut’s so round, he kept rolling around. It must be weird trying to balance on an exercise ball when the ball is inside your belly ”
My stomach did not feel too good with all the motion so I just lay there and moaned slightly.
“Hey, let’s try that again.” Ed suggested. I protested but to no avail. The two bodybuilders gathered on my left side and pushed me back up onto my blimped-up stomach. But this time they did not let me continue to roll over. Each grabbed an arm and stopped my motion towards the right. Then they each began to pull my arms one way then the other, causing my hugely muscular, and heavy, body to roll around on top of the belly ball.
“OOOOOOFFFF..” I could hardly breathe. “That’s enough… I’m gonna… puke… or pop… ”
The two were still laughing when they actually helped me up into a standing position. I swayed a little back and forth trying to adjust to the new weight in front. Finally, I was a little stabilized and stopped rocking.
Ed stood directly across from my titanic belly sphere and leaned over towards the area around my bulging navel.
“Warning. Contents Under Pressure. Maximum size 50 Inches. Do Not Over Inflate ” He pretended to read as if a  “warning label” was imprinted on my belly.
“Whoa, he’s in danger then,” Cory replied, “He’s definitely inflated way over that ”
Surely I’m not bigger than 50 inches around, I thought. But after looking down at the size of the protruding ball, I wasn’t so sure.
“Well, let’s see,” Ed stated.
The tall guy walked over to a desk and pulled out a tape measure. He struggled to get it around my hugely swollen stomach and even required some help from Cory. I eagerly anticipated the results as he brought the ends together near my navel.
“Dammnnn,” Ed said with a grin, “57 and ½ inches. Oh, yeah that things dangerously over inflated.” He gave it a slight poke. “You’d better be real careful Adam or you’re gonna explode ”
The two muscular men stared at the huge belly balloon.
“OK, you fuckers. You’ve… had your fun. Now give me… whatever the hell it is… that’ll deflate this thing down.”
”Uhhh, no way man, This ain’t gonna work now. You’re too big ” Ed said.
“C’mon, man, stop fuckin’ around. Did you get the stuff or what?”
“Yeah, I got it, but seriously Adam, I can’t stick a needle in that thing, it’ll blow ”
“Are you just yanking my chain again?”
”Not this time man.” Ed gets closer again to my super swollen stomach. “There’s so much pressure, Adam, that if I tried to inject the diuretic, you’d burst like a cheap toy balloon. What you need to do is stop your obscene overeating and get some cardio. Hell, at your size, just a fast paced walk would burn a lot of calories and get your gut down to a more normal size.”
Ed started to push into the bulging sphere. The round tan ball did not give much so I was forced to step backwards. He continued to apply pressure until I began to lose my balance. My unbelievably bloated body fell down right onto the low wooden table with a loud thud.
“OOOOOFFF,” I blurted out, “So that’s it? You’re just going to leave me like this?” I was leaning back against the wall and ran my hands over the sides of my sphere. “How am I gonna get out of here?”
“Try walkin,” Cory replied, “You can use the exercise, keg belly ”
With that, both men laughed and left the room.
“Shit what am I going to do?” I thought. “My car is still back at the Chinese restaurant, but I sure as hell can’t walk that far. And where did Justin go?” I looked down at the huge tan ball in my lap and continued to pat it. “How am I going to take care of this?”

“ADAM  YOU IN HERE? HEY ADAM ” I heard a male voice call out that was vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place it exactly.
Then the figure walked into the room. It was Officer Joey DeRossa  He was not in his official attire, but was wearing a tight t-shirt and khaki shorts. The casual clothes emphasized his thickly muscular physique as much as the uniform did. His quads were so big that even the baggy fit shorts were stretched to their limit and his pecs made the shirt looked painted on.
“Man…, It’s good… to see you, Joey” I stated, still catching my breath over the gruesome belly inflation I’d endured.
“Oh my God,” Joey said, with a surprised look on his face, “What the hell happened? You’re blown up like the Goodyear Blimp ”
I kept my hand on top of my tan sphere. “I got… a little thirsty,” I answered and pointed towards the keg lying on it’s side.
“No way, Adam. Did you drink the whole damn thing?” he now was close enough and gave the large container a slight kick. It easily rolled away. “Shit, that thing is empty. You kilt the whole keg yourself?”
I looked down at my hugely swollen gut then back at the cute officer. “Yeah, it’s all in here. Now… I can’t move.”
The extremely handsome man sat down beside me and began to gently rub the beer balloon. “I can’t believe you’re so huge. This is just amazing that a man’s belly could get so big and round. You look like a pregnant horse ”
“Shit, I feel like one… So what brought you back here? Whatever the reason, I’m sure glad you came.” I asked with as much of a smile as I could muster given the pressure I still carried.
Joey displayed an amazing row of perfectly white teeth when he smiled. “Well, I just wanted to get another look at that great belly of yours, so when I got off shift I came back. Lucky for me I saw that the truck you guys were in was still in the lot. I waited for a little bit to see if you would come out, when I saw your boyfriend come out.”
I interrupted when I heard this part. “What did he do?” I asked.
”Nothing, he just drove away”
”Well, he’s not my boyfriend, we’re just friends. Or at least we were until he just left me here.  I don’t even know when he took off.”
“Well, after I saw him leave I waited a little more to see if you would come out, and when it didn’t happen for a while, I came in.”
“So you like big bellies?” I asked.
“Yeah, I think it’s so sexy when a handsome, muscular guy has a nice bulging belly. You know, round and solid like it’s another muscle that was built up.”
I again looked at my hugely bloated stomach. “Well, they don’t get much more built up or out then this ”
“They sure don’t” Joey flashed his toothy grin again. “So tell me, how did you get so gigantic? Your on some kind of HGH or ‘roids, right?”
”Uhh, what do you mean?” I wondered, actually knowing exactly what he meant.
“Hey, don’t worry.” He reassured me. “I’m not gonna arrest you or turn you in or anything. Hell, I’m doing a low dose cycle of ‘roids right now. I’d never be this big without ‘em. I know several guys at the station that do the same thing. Gotta be stronger than the bad guys ya know?”
I did smile a little at this last comment. “Well, you’ve heard of IGF-1?””Yeah, it’s supposed to be THE shit for putting on mass. You taking that?””No, my buddy here is a veterinarian and got something called IGF-V3. It’s an experimental animal version designed to put huge amounts of muscle on cattle. But as you can see, it works by allowing you to eat, and in my case, drink…,” I winked towards the keg at this point, then continued, “Huge amounts, so you gain a ton of muscle but apparently get a real big belly too.”
Joey began to gently rub my oversized stomach in large circles. “Man, you’re so huge but so tight; not flabby at all.” I was actually a little flattered by this remark. Joey continued to talk and rub.
“I’ll bet your actual stomach is really huge too. Probably five more times the size of the average guy’s. That’s why you can eat and drink so much and your belly just gets bigger and bigger. I wonder if the drug makes your stomach grow too?”
“Maybe…” I replied to his theory. “But right now what I need is to is get this full tank outa here and rest for a bit.”
“I gotta an idea. I can take you back to my place. It’s close to here and you can just hang out and relax and let that thing settle.”
“Joey, that would be great. Thanks so much. I think I’m gonna need some help.”
Even with the officer’s extremely strong muscle, it took some effort to get my incredibly bloated body in an upright position.
”Can you walk ok?” Joey asked, staring at my swaying body suspiciously.
“Yeah, I think so.” I took a step then another. “It’ll be slow but I can make it.”
The weight of my enormous belly was causing difficulty just with walking. But I was really looking forward to going to Joey’s house with him and would do whatever it took to get there

Part III

It wasn’t easy walking with my enormous belly cantilevered out over my boots. The handsome officer helped steady my wobbling strut as we made our way back down the wood paneled hallway and into the front room. I then realized my shirt, or at least it’s tattered remains, had been left behind.
“Man, I can’t go out like this,” I stated with a gesture towards my giant gut. “I gotta cover this up somehow.”
“There ain’t nothing that’ll fit over that thing,” Joey said with a grin, then patted my blown up belly. “Maybe we could find an old circus tent or something.”
A large white t-shirt hanging on a hook near the door caught my eye as Joey was speaking. I grinned at his remark and reached for the shirt on the wall. It turned out to be an Under Armour brand workout shirt made of a breathable, lightweight fabric that was specifically designed to be very stretchable. I pulled the shirt over my head and down over my unbelievably swollen torso. The shirt did almost cover all of my rounded bulges, including the largest one, my new belly.
“Perfect fit” I noted with a grin,”Just like a glove”
“More like a second skin,” Joey countered. “That poor shirt’s never been so stretched in it’s life ”
We continued towards the main entrance when Joey glanced out the window. “Hey, check these guys out,” he stated and then motioned towards the parking lot. “Wonder what they’re here for...”
I followed his lead and spotted two young men. Both were very muscular and had on baggy workout shorts and tight tank tops that highlighted their well-developed bodies. Joey and I looked at each other and instantly new what the other was thinking. These boys were obviously here to get steroids or growth hormone from Ed.
“Hey, I got an idea,” Joey said with a mischievous smile, “We’re gonna scare ‘em straight ”
“Just follow my lead. Stay here until I tell you to come out.” Joey instructed, and then went outside. I waited behind the door where I could see the young bodybuilders, but they could not see me.
“Yo, guys, what’s up?” Joey asked nonchalantly, “You here to see Ed?”
Both looked a little nervous before the taller one spoke up. “Uh, yeah, we’re looking for Ed”
“He’s not here right now, but I think I can help you out. Whachu lookin’ for? Some roids? Growth? Insulin?”
Again the taller one answered first but a little reluctantly, “Uh, yeah, some growth dude. We heard that Ed has some killer growth that’ll blow you up fuckin’ huge ”
“Yeah, get you freaky swole, dude” the other finally spoke up.
“You wanna see freaky swole, then check this out ” Joey said a little louder. “Hey Adam, come show these guys what Ed can do for ya ”
With that I slowly stepped out from behind the large wooden door. The two young men’s jaws dropped and their expressions went to one of complete amazement. Joey of course was grinning like the Cheshire cat as the youthful bodybuilders were staring at my unbelievably oversized belly and muscles. The two were speechless.
“So what do you think?” Joey asked and then pointed towards my gut. “You wanna blow up like this?”
The tall young man was still dumbfounded over my size, but took a step towards me. Before I could react, he made a fist and punched me directly in the center of my gigantic stomach. With a great whoosh of air, I stumbled back and then tried to gather my breath.
“What the fuck man?” Joey said sternly, “He’s swollen up like a huge balloon… you’re gonna burst his mega-sized belly. Be careful, man ”
The young man appeared stunned. “I’m sorry dude…I just thought… I mean… that fucker can’t be real. There’s gotta be beach ball under that shirt ”
Now, Joey smiled again. “Nah, it’s real all right. Check it out ” He reached for my collar. So for the second time today, my shirt was pulled over my head, revealing and incredibly protruding stomach. “Show ‘em your profile ” Joey then instructed, and grabbed by shoulder to turn my body slightly away from the astonished young men.
“No way, dude,” the taller guy said, “Whatchu got in there? You about to give birth to a ten year old? I swear that thing looks like it’s been inflated ”
“Yeah,” the other one finally spoke up again. “You look like a hose from a helium tank was shoved up your ass and turned on full blast. Shit, maybe you went through two or three tanks to blow up like that ”
The first one reached out again towards the rounded sphere, but I flinched. “Careful,” I instructed. He grinned. “Okay, I don’t wanna pop it,” he answered. He began to very gently poke the tan ball. “Man, it’s hard as a rock but so huge. Don’t that hurt man?”
“Yeah how does it feel?” the shorter one chimed in. “It looks like that’s gotta be painful just to carry that huge gut around. Can you even walk?”
”So did the growth do this to ya dude? It’s turned you into a fuckin’ blimp  How’d that happen?”
“Yeah, this growth shit was really strong,” Joey began to explain. “It sure makes your muscles grow,” he gestured towards my huge pecs as he said the word “muscles”, “But it also give you an incredible appetite and a huge stomach to hold it all.”
“But how did he get such a freakishly fat belly?” the tall dude asked, “When he’s got so much muscle?”
“Cause it isn’t just fat,” Joey continued to explain, “Since it’s really a hormone for cattle, it promotes both muscle and fat gain. So his gut isn’t just fat it’s both. It’s like marbled beef you’d find at the grocery store.” Then he added “Just a whole lot of it ”
”You said it dude, that is a helluva lot of beef ” The young bodybuilder stated, as he continued to touch the belly sphere. “He looks like he’s got a whole fuckin cow in there ”
Now the shorter of the two muscular boys joined in on the unbelievably large stomach examination. Each carefully poked and prodded the giant ball noting very little give to the object.
“It’s really firm,” the tall one observed as he tried to push in on my balloon belly, “That must be because of all the muscle in there?”
“Yep,” I finally spoke up. “I’m not that fat, it’s just I gotta lot of muscle in my mid section.”
“So how much did you have to eat to get this big?” he wondered.
“Tons, man,” Joey responded. “He eats like a hippo, grossly overeating at every meal. You wouldn’t believe how much that fucker will hold ”
The two young men finally removed their hands from my giant gut and began to turn away. “Well, I wanna be big but I sure as hell don’t want to look like the Goodyear blimp. I think I’ll find another way to gain some more muscle.”
“You sure you don’t want to swell up huge?” Joey asked with a grin as he placed his hand on my extended belly shelf. “It ain’t THAT bad havin’ an 80 pound gut ”
“No thanks, I wanna be able to fuckin’ walk without falling over frontwards ”
With that last statement, the two promising young bodybuilders abandoned their interest in muscle building drugs from Ed. As they drove away, I put the tight shirt back on and pulled it down over my inflated body.
“I need to sit down and rest this fucker… How ‘bout going back to your place?” I suggested to Joey.
“Sure thing man, my car’s right over here.”
Joey led me to his vehicle, a restored dark blue Ford Thunderbird. My nervousness grew as I approached the car. How am I going to lower myself into that thing? Fortunately, although the seat appeared to be close to the ground, the door was very wide. I managed to plop down into the seat with a loud OMMMPPFFFF. The door was shut after me and I lay back in the comfortable seat. My eyes were closed as I took a deep breath and tried to ease some of the pressure in my hugely bloated stomach.
I looked down to see a tan hand connected to a muscular forearm began to pat the top of my ball belly. I looked over to see a smiling Joey obviously enjoying the sight of my unbelieveably oversized stomach.
“Awesome. Fuckin’ awesome ” the handsome officer stated. “Your giant muscles and belly fill up that entire side of the car ”
“Ooooooo,” was all I could respond.
“Let’s get that keg home to rest a bit.”
We were on the way home when the Thunderbird came to a stop at a traffic light. “Don’t worry, man, you’ll be home soon. I know you gotta piss like hell. I’m just a little sorry that you’re belly will deflate so quickly afterwards.”
“Uhhh, I’m afraid I don’t have to piss at all,” I noted with a slight frown and put my hand on the top of the extensive gut shelf. “Ed filled my huge belly with oats to soak up the beer, so I wouldn’t drain down so quick.”
Joey’s eye’s widened as I described the actions Ed took to keep my stomach so huge for as long as possible. When I finished the story, I patted the top of the beer-swollen ball. “So I’m stuck like this for a while ”
Joey seemed excited by this news. Just then the light turned green and Joey made a quick u-turn and steered his car in the opposite direction. “Hey, what’s up?” I asked.
“Damn, man, you’re gonna be blown up huge for hours. We gotta show that fucker off ”
”What are you talking about?”
“We need to go down to Washington Park and walk around a bit. They’ll be plenty of time for you to rest later.”
I wasn’t too keen on the idea of trying to move carrying around all this weight up front, but I did want to spend more time with Joey. So I agreed to his proposal.
Washington Park was the largest green space in the city. The North and West sides were bordered by sidewalks with stores and shops fronting the paved areas, and the rest of the park abutted against dense woods. The park had a large lake in the center, and was cris-crossed by a series of wide sidewalks, popular with skateboarders, roller bladders and joggers. The surrounding neighborhoods featured a large gay and lesbian population and the area was near the main arts district in the city. So the park drew large eclectic crowds to exercise, picnic or just to show off their hard bodies.
Joey pulled his Thunderbird into a parking space along one of the neighborhood side streets. “This is gonna be a blast,” he noted and got out of the cool vehicle. I opened the door and began to evaluate the daunting task facing me. “I don’t think this is gonna work,” I stated to Joey, “How am I gonna get out of this thing?”
The muscular policeman grinned again.
“Damn, man, how much do you squat? “Ten, Fifteen plates?” He asked, referring to the large standard weights, each weighing forty-five pounds. “It should be no problem for you to lift yourself outta that car.”
“Uh, yeah, but shit, all that weight is on the BAR; not in my STOMACH. I feel like I’ve swallowed about a half dozen plates ”
“Here, let me help.”
Joey reached in with his two hugely muscular arms and grabbed my shoulders. I pulled up with my own incredible strength. Between the two of us, we were able to get my overweight body out of the car and standing next to it.
Before we left the side of the Thunderbird, Joey removed his shirt. I was not expecting this action, but was excited to see his gorgeous body. His physique was not only very well developed, but was balanced and pleasing. His midsection was a little thick, but his abs were still defined. The cop’s handsome face was even more attractive with his entire  build revealed.
“Now, it’s your turn,” Joey said. “Take off your shirt. Let’s see that fuckin’ huge gut sticking out.”
I looked down at the giant sphere that was now white with the shirt stretched tightly over it. Did I want my enormous belly out for all to see? Not really I thought; but Joey sure was in to it. So even though I wasn’t too sure I wanted to walk around with my giant belly stickin’ out like a pregnant horse, I realized the shirt doesn’t help to conceal it.
“Okay,” I agreed, and with a grin removed my shirt. Joey took both shirts and tossed them into the car. We then began our walk to the park.

The day was warm and sunny, so two shirtless, muscular men strutting down the sidewalk was a relatively common sight. But not if one of them appeared to be 10 months pregnant with twins. Men, women and kids stared and gasped as I passed by, my huge gut leading the way.
Two thin teenage boys were standing by a concrete bench as we passed. “Hey mister,” one shouted at me, “I can’t find my beach ball. Did you swallow it?” The other joined in as we continued to walk. “Dude, that thing’s blown up huge. Whatever you do, don’t fall over forward; you’ll burst ” They were still laughing as we moved out of earshot.

Along the edge of the sidewalk, a vendor had set up a stand to sell balloons. Some were very large, some smaller, but most were brightly colored and filled with helium. Several large tanks were standing near the edge of the wooden stand. Joey and I stopped a second to look.
A young man on roller blades stopped next to us and turned to the man selling the balloons. “Hey, how much helium did it take to inflate this fucker up?” he asked, while pointed at my oversized belly. “Looks like it took more than one tank ”
“Man, just don’t get any sharp objects near me,” I replied, and patted the extended gut shelf “I’ll pop too easy ”
Joey, the skater and the vendor all laughed at my comment. “I didn’t blow him up,” the vendor replied with a smile, “I’d be too afraid to inflate something that big. Too worried about an explosion ”
The young man gave my huge gut a slight punch and just said, “Amazing” as he roller bladed away.
“That is unreal, man,” the vendor stated as he took a few steps towards me. “Seriously, what’s in that thing?” He reached out and gave my belly a poke. “Damn, it’s hard as a rock. I’d swear somethin’s growin’ in there… Is it?”
“Nah, just ate too much,” I replied. “It’s the muscle that makes it hard.”
“Never seen anything like that,’ he replied and headed back to his stand. “You’re a freak, man. A ballooned up freak ”
With that last comment, Joey and I continued on down the sidewalk. “I’m glad you’re enjoying your belly a little more,” Joey commented. “How do you feel?”
“Better, now,” I answered. “Believe it or not, I’m even getting a little hungry.”
Joey’s eyes went wide with amazement at this statement. “No way, man. You’re still so huge.” He said with disbelief. “You’re ready to put more into this thing?” He asked and placed his hand on top of the ball gut. “Yeah, I think so. At least a little bit.”
Joey and I looked around and we both noticed the solution at the same time. A hot dog vendor was positioned at the edge of the sidewalk, where the paved area bordered a low concrete wall. The sign on the large metal wagon said “Foot Long Hot Dogs – 1.00 Dollar”. As we approached, the vendor looked up from his cart. His eyes widened as he saw my huge gut get closer and closer. He was a big man about 45 years old with a full beard. The small name plate pinned on his shirt read “Tony”.
“You boys want some foot longs? How many?” Tony asked in a deep voice.
“We’ll take four… with the works,” Joey replied.
Tony grinned and quickly prepared the four dogs. He handed two to me and two to Joey. I placed one in my mouth and began to push the other end. Within seconds the entire meal has disappeared. Joey and Tony both looked at me in amazement.
“Holy shit,” Joey exclaimed, “You inhaled that thing  Did you even chew?”
“Nah, I guess I just can swallow it whole now,” I replied, “I told you man, I’ve been eatin’ like crazy lately. Everything goes down so easy and fast ”
With that, I “ate” my second hot dog. It literally was gone in a few seconds.
“Amazing,” was all that Tony could say.
Joey handed me his two hot dogs. “Let’s see that again.”
I took the two dogs and placed one in my mouth, then the other and then they were in my stomach.
“DAMMNNN ,” Joey nearly shouted, “That’s fuckin’ awesome  Do it again ”
Tony had not hesitated and was already fixing four more dogs. I took the four and put each one in my mouth, one after the other, getting all four down in less than a minute.
Suddenly two young men appeared at the hot dog stand. I did not even notice them approach.
”Two dogs dude,” the tall red haired one said. The other had blonde hair but both had all-American good looks and seemed to be in their early twenties.
“You gotta see this first,” the vendor said and prepared four dogs.
The two young men were surprised when all four dogs were handed to me. Again I performed my “trick”.
“What the fuck?,” the blonde one stated, “Where did the dogs go?”
“In his gigantic gut,” the other answered. “Look, it’s like he’s swallowed a be
A young bodybuilder takes a new muscle building drug, and gets bigger than he ever dreamed.
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so glad I found this again :D
seems like almost every time I'm looking for an awesome story I read but can't remember where, it's yours lol
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No words man! No f***ing words to describe your work!
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Woah. I can picture most of this, but man oh man, that is like acres of attractive men in your story. I personally don't like hot dogs, so stuffing someone with them was the only part of I had problems with.
planetbelly Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2005
Glad you liked it! This is one of my favorite stories. I like the idea of a muscular young belly boy having to walk around with his obscenely overstuffed belly then sees the reaction of the other people he encounters. If you had any favorite scenes in the story, feel free to create artwork for them.
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