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Ryan and I stared at the huge cardboard box on the top of the kitchen table then looked at each other.
“Dude this is it,” the muscular young man declared. “The moment we’ve been waiting for!” He grinned. “We’re gonna look like fuckin monsters!” My smile grew wide in return; nearly instantaneously we both reached for the rectangular object and began to tear it open.  
We each pulled out what looked to be a jet black wetsuit, although the material felt more like that used in the ripped bodybuilder’s favorite garment, an Under Amour brand shirt.
“It’s hard to believe this is going to fit,” I noted, holding up the suit in front of me.
“Yeah they look small but they’re supposed to be tight; that must be related to the magic power that Joel was talking about.” Ryan replied.
“Joel” was a handsome, huge bodybuilder that we had met the other night at a friend’s house. The mysterious muscle man had demonstrated these suits that looked to be made of latex or rubber but were actually some type of miracle fabric that would allow us to fulfill our fantasy.
Ryan and I were bodybuilders who shared an inflation fetish. We were muscular and lean and were envied by our buddies from college. Our abs were defined and we actually had more thickness than most of the more experienced older bodybuilders, even though we only just about to begin our sophomore year. We enjoyed everything about the bodybuilding lifestyle... the workouts, the tight clothes, the looks from attractive women and men, and even eating huge amounts of carbohydrates and protein to gain the muscle mass, thought the last one was mainly me.
One aspect that was not only enjoyable but was a physical turn on: the pump one gets from an intense workout. The idea that your muscle would swell as if being inflated with air was incredibly exciting and sensual. If only a workout pump could more drastically increase the size of our muscles to something extreme. We even tired putting balloons of various types under our clothes and rigging up something that would inflate us as if our muscles were actually swelling.
But according to Joel, our prayers had been answered. These special suits would allow us to inflate our muscles, but would feel so real it would be as if we had the hyper pump we had dreamed about.
“Let’s get this party started!” I yelled with a big smile on my face and then turned to walk down the hall.
“So what are you gonna wear? Ryan asked.
“That long sleeve UA shirt and the bodybuilder jeans,” was my reply. “I want it tight but also wanna cover up the suit. That should work.”
“Cool,” the other bodybuilder responded. “Good idea!”
I continued down the hall into the guest bedroom of Ryan’s parent’s large brick ranch home. We were both home with our families for summer break, returning to college for our senior year in only a couple of days. Ryan’s parents were on vacation, celebrating their 25th anniversary with an Alaska cruise, so we had the house to ourselves for this last week we’d be home.
Once I was in the bedroom, I stripped naked as quickly as possible. The excitement was building as I stepped into the tight suit and pulled it up over my well developed muscular body. The suit had a zipper in the back that I left open for Ryan to fasten later. Looking in the mirror, I studied the suit. It closely fit every contour in my body, the swell of each muscle, the valley between my pecs, the curve of the abs and calves… Joel had been dead on when he guaranteed the suit would fit like a second skin. He was right about the other main feature too... it felt so comfortable, it was like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. The only minor oddity was what looked to be a slight outie belly button where my shallow innie actually was.  I knew this was the inflation valve which was about to be put to use. Next, I put on the special pair of jeans, made particularly for bodybuilders. The material was unusually stretchy and was cut to accommodate very large quads relative to a small waistline. Then I added the long sleeve light grey workout shirt and finished the look with a pair of black workout boots. A sly grin spread across my face when I noted how hot I looked in the mirror. The clothes fit somewhat tight but were specifically chosen knowing they would stretch. None of the black inflation suit was visible, so I looked just like I was heading to a workout or out to show off my muscle.
Ryan and I met up again in the large open eat-in kitchen and family room. The bodybuilder had on the same type of shirt, but it was white and was paired with lightweight workout pants. Ryan also had the same kind of boots as I did.
“Ready?” I inquired with an excited grin. “You betcha!” came the equally excited reply. The small but powerful air compressor was located on the floor, purchased at the hardware store. The size and rating were chosen as per Joel’s specific instructions. I grabbed the hose and lifted up Ryan’s shirt slightly. The nozzle was stuck onto the navel looking valve on the suit and attached with a simple ‘click’ of a clasp. And with eager looks on both our faces, I kicked on the power switch on the compressor with my boot.
The machine began to hum and all eyes focused on Ryan. Nothing seemed to happen at first but then it became more obvious… his pecs were slowly expanding. Larger and larger, fuller and fuller, each chest muscle grew. At the same time, the overall upper torso was broadening as his back widened out, giving him and even more exaggerated “V” shape.
“How does it feel dude?” I wondered. The thrill was noticeable in his eyes.
“Fuckin awesome man! Like the most extreme pump in the gym ever!”
Ryan’s eyes sparkled and his grin grew as wide a possible. We continued to watch each individual muscle group expand, not just his upper body but his legs as well. Ryan’s quads swelled out as if two watermelons had been implanted in the sides of his thighs, and his calves were noticeably large even in the workout pants.
“Okay, dude, that’s enough”, he stated. “I wanna keep my small waist!” he continued, as he rubbed his hand over his extremely well defined flat stomach. I detached the hose from the valve over his belly button, then stood back to admire his new physique.
“DAMN! You’re huge AND fuckin ripped!” I exclaimed as he flexed in the mirror. “Let’s gets some measurements, super stud!”
“Yeah get that tape over here,” he said, continuing to smile brightly, “Hope we got one big enough!”
“Let’s see if this’ll fit around that massive chest,” I stated, after getting the tape measure off the desk in the kitchen. “Lift up those pythons dude!” he did as I instructed, raising his arms straight out so that I could wrap the tape around his upper torso. “Fifty five fuckin inches bro,” I observed. “Youre a fuckin monster!” I cupped his swollen pecs in my hands. “Dude, you look like you got footballs implanted in your chest!”

“Now its time for a little gun show baby!” I exclaimed, bringing the tape near his huge arms. “Flex for me!”
Ryan quickly went into the standard double bi pose then held the flexed muscle up for me to measure. The tape was stretched around its circumference. “SHIT! Check out that peak! 21 inches buddy!” We both continued to grin like little kids at Disney World. “Fuckin A dude!”
“Alright man now it’s my turn. Get the hose!” I commanded.
Ryan stopped me. “Hey one more… measure how small my waist is compared to my massive upper body.”
“Sure.” I wrapped the tape around his midsection just over his nearly perfectly flat belly button and between a pair of deeply sculpted ridges. “Thirty inches! Nice taper!” We both laughed at that… a fifty-five inch chest with a thirty inch waist was a ridiculous proportion but exactly what Ryan had always dreamed of.
“Okay, don’t worry dude, your next!” He strutted over to the counter and picked up the hose. He followed the same procedure that I had minutes earlier, and quickly had the apparatus secured to my suit’s stem. “So whaddya have today buddy?” he asked playfully.
“MASS, dude, a shit load of mass! I wanna make an offseason Marcus Ruhl look like Topher Grace!”
Ryan laughed. “Okay, comin right up!”
The now familiar hum of the machine started. A sensation like the post workout pump began to be felt in my chest and arms. I moved over a step and caught my reflection in a large mirror. “Oh yeah, c’mon baby, blow me up like a fuckin muscle balloon!”
My pecs were swelling as were my bis and tris. The shirt’s material was gradually getting tighter all over and my abs became a little deeper. My quads began to bow out stretching the jeans even more than my developed legs already did.
“You’re gettin huge dude!” Ryan remarked. “Hey check out your delts!” The incredibly thick muscle man was right.  My shoulders were expanding just like a balloon was being inflated inside of them. I could feel my arms spreading out from my sides due to the increased width of my back.
The reflection in the mirror was mesmerizing, watching each muscle continue to swell up. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice Ryan step towards the compressor. I quickly grabbed his big forearm. “Hey not yet, I’m not done growin!”
“Dude, for your height you’re massive. You don’t need any more size!” Of course this pissed me off, as did any reference to the fact that I was only 5’9” tall. Ryan thought he was all that just because he was 5’11 ½”, though he always claimed to be six feet.
Although my muscles weren’t growing as fast, they were still slowly expanding. “Look man your gut is rounding out… you’re taking in too much air, dude!”
My abs were very developed but had bowed out into a noticeable curve. “Shit, man, that’s no biggie. All us mass monsters have a bit of a roid gut!”
But after a few seconds it appeared that only my gut was growing so I gave him the word. “Okay, dude, shut it off. I think I’m big enough now,” I stated with a wink.
Ryan followed my command and then picked up the tape measure. “Now let’s see how you did!” he said.
I swaggered over to the middle of the kitchen where the light was brightest. It was a little more difficult to walk then I imagined with the new size of my quads. And just like after a real workout pump, I felt very stiff.
Ryan brought the tape towards my arm and I instinctively flexed my bicep. He grinned. “Ya got me by a half an inch… twenty one and a half! Not bad for a midget!”  I give him a sharp poke in the shoulder for the earlier reference.  We both laughed again knowing that either one could get bigger just by inflating further. Still, I had a little bit of pride that I was ‘bigger’.
My pecs began jumping at my command. “Now measure these puppies!”
“You’re gonna need a manziere for those things they’re so huge!” He stretched the tape around the massive upper torso right at the nipples. “Fifty fuckin six inches dude! Your chest is almost as big around as you are tall!” Ryan laughed loud at his own joke. I ignored him abut was also excited about having the ridiculously gigantic pecs I’d always fantasized about.
“Now let’s measure those abs,” he stated then started to wrap the measure around my waist. I couldn’t see much beyond my pecs, but it did look like in the mirror’s reflection that the valve on the suit was larger and protruded more. He lined up the tape just above the valve which was over my navel. “Thirty nine inches buddy... Nice roid gut!”
I was a little surprised to hear it was that big around but I didn’t want to admit I’d slightly miscalculated. “Shit, ain’t nothing to that… not when you got a 56 inch chest!”
Ryan stood in front of the mirror and began to pose. “Check this out dude! You ever seen a V taper like this?!” The muscle stud was right; rarely do you see such upper body thickness narrow down to a tiny waist. The peaks on his biceps were incredible and wrapped with thick power cord like veins. The broad shoulders exaggerated his V shape even more and helped focus the eyes on his deeply cut abs. Ryan had become his fantasy bodybuilder with the physique of the top professionals of yesteryear.
Then I stepped in front of him and did a side chest pose. My pecs exploded into two giant globes of mass, each crowned by two big nipples. My biceps looked like 10 lb bowling balls had been inserted in each arm.
“Now this is what a fuckin mass monster’s supposed to look like!” We were both giddy like little boys on Christmas morning, having just received the greatest and most improbable gift possible.
“You look awesome dude, just fuckin awesome!” Ryan noted, then reached over and patted my right pec. “You couldn’t be more packed with muscle man, these fuckers are gigantic!” He continued to move his hand down and rubbed my very thick rounded abs. “And you look great with a roid gut dude, it really fits your build… so powerful looking!”
“You too man, your body is fuckin spectacular,” I returned his compliment. “You look just like Schwarzenegger in his prime... size and proportion!” He grinned and returned to the mirror’s reflection. Ryan worshipped “the Govenator”.
“DUDE! We gotta go show off our new builds! Where should we go?”
Ryan’s eyes lit up. “Fuck yeah man,” he exclaimed then rubbed his chin. “But we’ll need to go somewhere that they don’t know us so they won’t suspect we just blew up!”
“Yeahhhhh..” I said slowly as I began to think of options.
A gleam entered Ryan’s eyes. “HEY! How about that supplement store over on 6th? A lot of big boys hang out there!”
“Yeah, dude, that’s perfect,” I agreed, and then looked at the clock on the wall. “And this should be a good time… late evening on a Wednesday. There should be a bunch of bodybuilders picking up their sups or just fartin around after a workout.”
“Wait till they get a load of us!”
The supplement store was in a non-descript shopping center on a main street in an suburb across town. There was a well known gym next door that had a reputation as a hard core gym where the real big boys worked out, including a couple of professionals. Ryan pulled his old Jeep into a space located in the middle of the parking lot. I couldn’t help but grin… knowing Ryan’s parking choice was so all of the shoppers would have the opportunity to see our massive muscles as we walked into the store; rather than having parked closer.
We began our strut towards the business. Fortunately, the weather was perfect, an unusually cool evening so that our long sleeve shirts and long pants were appropriate. The stares from passer-by were evident nearly immediately. Men, women, children of all ages were mesmerized by the impressive musculature passing right before their eyes.
“They can’t stop staring at us dude… they never seen guys blown up like us!” I noted, my grin growing wider.
“Yeah, every guy here wants to be us!”
I spot three skinny teenagers leaning up against the wall of the shopping center. As we get close, I make a point to bounce my massive pecs. “Hey girls what’s up?” I ask with the little insult. “You know they have these places called ‘gyms’ where you can actually grow a little muscle… ever heard of ‘em?” I laughed. “Or do your boyfriends like you skinny?” The guys all frown and one mutters something under his breath, but all three are too intimidated to respond out loud.
“Funny dude!” Ryan says with a big grin as we continue pass.

“A few more or our swaggering steps and we reach the glass front of the supplement store. My assumption is that anyone near the front of the store can now see us. I wink at Ryan and whisper, “They’re pissin in their pants already!” He laughs.

Jaws drop and eyes widen when me and the other muscle hulk enter the store. My shoulders and are so wide I barely fit through the doorway; my back so thick and broad it blocks out a good portion of the sunlight. It’s as if a muscle eclipse has overtaken the store.

Ryan and I quickly evaluate out audience. A short skinny teenager was standing at the counter apparently about to make a purchase. The guy behind the counter was very muscular, impressively filling out a tight black t-shirt. But he was only Ryan’s size and not quite as ripped lean; which also meant he didn’t have the thickness that I now possessed, albeit artificially.

It was a little disappointing that only one other bodybuilder was in the store, but he was pretty impressive as well. A big tall guy, maybe about 30 years old, with a rounded off-season muscle gut was standing near a shelf full of weight gainer powders.

“Hello ladies” I said, using my standard clever line. “How’s it going?”

“It’s going good, big guy,” the man behind the counter stated. “Can I help you with something?”

“Nah were just lookin around,” I replied and gestured towards Ryan. “As you can tell we sure as hell don’t need to get any more muscle, but we might find something here we could use!”

Meanwhile , the skinny kid just stared at me with a shocked look on his face. “What’s a matter dude, never seen a real bodybuilder before?” I grinned, implying that the other two muscle men in the store weren’t ‘real’ bodybuilders.

“You’re… you’re so huge! How’d you get like that dude? You’re a fuckin moose!”

“I bust my ass in the gym every day little guy; that’s what it takes,” I answered, then continued. “..and supplements… the right supplements,” I added with a wink.

“You mean these?” the kid pointed to the whey protein and Creatine he was purchasing.

“Nah,” I said shaking my head. “Real food man, gotta eat like a horse , as much real food, protein, carbs as you can. And a little gear never hurt neither!” The employee grimaced knowing that I may be costing him a sale. The other bodybuilder finally spoke up.

“Hey don’t tell this guy that kinda shit, of course you need protein supplements. Not everybody can eat as much as you big guy.” He seemed to gesture towards my rounded midsection.

Ryan with his incredibly small waist and deep cut abs stepped forward. “I don’t know man,” he began, staring at the big bodybuilder, “Looks like you should back off the weight gainer protein shakes, dude, you’re look like you’re about seven months pregnant!”
Ryan and I both laughed. “Hey fucker,” he sounded agitated as he addressed me, “Whachu laughin at? You look like you’ve swallowed a basketball! I just grinned. “I ain’t fat, just got a roid gut. Can’t get size like this with out putting on muscle everywhere!” With that comment, I flexed my enormous right bicep. The big bodybuilder did a noticeable double take then tried to act causal, but I knew he was very impressed.

“So how big around is your arm, dude?” The skinny kid asked. I flexed again then relaxed. With a huge girn I replied, “Oh ‘bout 22 inches!” His eyes bulged. “DAMN you should be a pro dude.”

“Yeah im workin towards it, just gotta dial it in for the contest man; it all in the timing.”

“You ever compete buddy? I don’t recall you in a show around here lately,” the counter guy asked. “Nah, not around here. I’ve been focused on adding mass and now I’m ready for a big show. You can probably guess my idols are the monsters... that’s why I look so much like them.. you know the Ruhls and the Colemans and the Culters. Of course us mass guys cant get this shredded,” I added and pointed to Ryans midsection. “Check out those abs, you can grate cheese on em!”

Ryan grinned and flexed his abs which were incredibly defined even under the tight shirt.

“Now that’s the look I want,” the skinny guy said. “What’s your secret dude?” Ryan grinned wide. “Gotta do crunches and leg raises buddy, thousands of them. You just got to put the work into it to get abs like this,” he continued, then looked over at the other bodybuilder in the store. “And you got to be strict with your diet… no beer even on weekends.. no pizza.. no stopping at Micky D’s after your workouts…. Or you’ll look like this guy!” Ryan grinned as he pointed to the big bodybuilder with the bulging gut. The muscle man grunted but knew he didn’t have a good retort, not with the eye-popping sharpness of Ryans’ abs.

The young man had been absorbing everything Ryan had said. Then he reached out towards my massive biceps. “Your arms are ginormous! Mind if I feel them?” I winked at the bodybuilders in the store. “Go ahead dude knock yourself out!” When I tensed my bicep, it looked like a balloon had rapidly inflated inside my arm. The seam at the bottom of the sleeve stretched to its limit to contain the over sized muscle. The skinny kid attempted to wrap his hands around the circumference of my arm. His eyes widened. “OHMYGOD, I… I can’t get my hands around your arms!” I just casually acknowledged his comment as if this happened all the time.

It didn’t look like anyone else was about to enter the store, so I thought it was time for us to go. Looking at Ryan I stated, “Hey bro, we’d better get going… wanna get a good pump ‘for we head out tonight.” The two big bodybuilders raised their eyebrows but didn’t speak. We knew they just didn’t want to admit they were surprised that we were not pumped from a recent workout but were actually this big all the time.
Ryan left first and then I followed. Again I paused in the doorway to make sure they noticed how broad my back was compared to the width of the exit. “See ya ladies!” I said just as I passed through.

Ryan and I looked at each other and laughed as we strutted slowly down the sidewalk. “DUDE that was so… fuckin… awesome! The way that kid tried to hold your arm… your bicep is bigger that his whole head!” Ryan added as he grabed my arm.
I couldn’t stop grinning. “Yeah and the big guy with the gut couldn’t believe your abs! He may say he gets ripped for a contest but he aint looking nothing like you bro!” I rubbed my hands over Ryans amazing abs that looked like he had a stack of bricks under his shirt.

“Dude, we should so come back here tomorrow at a different time and see if we can run into some different guys… let them feast their eyes on our muscle studliness!

Oh yeah definitely.. we’ll come back in the morning. We’ll just have to put the suits back on.

“So what do you want to do now bro? Show off some more!”

I smiled wide. “Dude, all this flexing is making me crazy hungry. Let’s go get something to eat.” I added, still grinning. “Wait’ll they get a load of us at Golden Corral!”
This story is a sequel to "The Body Inflation Suit" by inflated muscle. [link]
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