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  TJ drove his GMC Yukon into the shopping center parking lot. But instead of following the other vehicles into the brightly lit front of the low, long building, the young bodybuilder turned towards the darker side of the building. TJ was excited but also a little nervous. At only 22 years old, the muscular man had been a personal trainer for three years, and a bodybuilder for six, but his ultimate dream was about to come true.
  TJ has always wanted to be big. Real big. All of his buddies thought TJ was real big already. He had weighed only 190 pounds for his first bodybuilding competition six months ago, but thanks to a heavy cycle of steroids and growth hormone, TJ had blown up to 270 lbs. His back was broad and thick; biceps, big and round like cantaloupes that appeared about to burst from his skin; and his quads were the size of most 22 year old’s waists.
  But the large doses of ‘roids and GH had some side effects. Most didn’t notice the scattering of pimples on his shoulders and back as the breakouts weren’t too bad. But he couldn’t hide the significant water weight gain the drugs produced. TJ’s face, although still handsome, was much fuller and rounder. But especially obvious was the growth in his mid-section. The extra water, and the bit of fat his mega high calorie “bulking up” diet had produced, turned his once flat stomach into a full fledged,  protruding muscle gut that stuck out as much as his massive pecs. The young bodybuilder would have titled forward when he walked, if it wasn’t for the 800 pound squats that had added significant mass to his bubble butt, thereby balancing his oversized build.
  TJ didn’t mind the side effects too much. He loved to lift, loved to eat, and really loved being the strongest guy in the gym. Even the weight lifters that had been working out for twenty plus years could not match TJ on the power movements.
  He continued around the side of the building and parked beneath one of the few light poles in the back. TJ exited the truck and headed for the rear entrance to a supplement store. He knew that once he picked up this batch of rare, unusually powerful steroid and growth hormone combination, he would reach his goal of weighing 300 pounds. At 5'11', TJ would be by far the thickest bodybuilder in the gym as well as the strongest. Then he could diet down to about 240 pounds and compete at a much heavier weight, ensuring a top finish.
  The young man was wearing a grey t-shirt on this mild night, with a white baseball cap, worn backwards to prove his coolness. The shirt was stretched over his thickly muscled body, and matched by equally tight jeans. Comfortably worn brown boots completed his outfit and were loud on the black pavement.
  His heart was beating a little faster than normal. This was his first encounter with a somewhat mysterious huge bodybuilder that TJ had ordered the powerful muscle builders from. He didn’t know the guys name or what he looked like, but was just told to meet him here. No one was in sight as TJ knocked on the door.



“COME IN! IT’S OPEN!” TJ heard a voice yell.

The beefy bodybuilder turned the handle and pushed open the door. He stepped inside to what looked like a typical storage room for a supplement store. Some of the walls were covered with shelves and loaded up with protein powders, Creatine, and other similar products, exactly what TJ expected. And several tall metal cabinets with big solid doors were lined up across another wall. Some boxes and a few chairs and a table were also present. A wide hall led to the main part of the retail store. The storage room had barely enough light from a single florescent fixture, but the corner areas were even dimmer, and the store itself was completely dark.


“Yeah, I’m here... just getting the stuff ready.” TJ noted a figure standing in the shadows between the hall and front of the store. He couldn’t make out many details but the guy was built. The mystery bodybuilder had to be nearly six feet, six inches tall with wide shoulders and a narrow waist. He wasn’t quite as thick as TJ himself, but was very well proportioned and at that height appeared very large.

“So, you wanna get big, ey?” the tall man inquired.

TJ grinned. “Yeah, sure do. Thirty more pounds is all I need.”

“How old are you TJ?” the bodybuilder wondered. “Twenty-two,” came the reply. Finally, the man stepped further into the light and TJ could make out more of his features.

He was handsome with an angular face and wearing a red and white stripped shirt that was stretched across his muscular frame. TJ noticed how unusually small the big man’s waist was for a bodybuilder so tall and with a lot of thickness.

But what struck the young man most was the eyes of the mysterious bodybuilder. Pools of jet black ink seemed to be able to stare deep into his soul making TJ a little uneasy. He tried to shake off the feeling and focus on the new bodybuilding drugs he was about to pick up.

“You’re really huge for being so young TJ,” the tall bodybuilder noted. “You sure you need to get any bigger?” The beefy twenty-two year old smiled at the compliment. “Take off that shirt and let’s see what you’ve got.”

TJ was still a little uncomfortable but his love for showing off his thickly muscular body overcame any concern he had. Quickly his shirt was on a nearby table and he was flexing for the mystery man.

The tall bodybuilder approached TJ and stood next to the young beefy man who stopped posing and stood in a relaxed position. He put a large hand on TJ’s right pec and began to pat.

“A lot of beef here, TJ, a lot of beef,” he stated. Then the tall man moved his hand down to TJ’s rounded muscle belly. “But you’re getting some bad bloat here, TJ, your gut’s really stickin’ out. Maybe you should just begin your diet and not worry about getting any bigger.”

TJ watched the man touch his body but didn’t get as excited as he normally does when guys feel his big muscles. “Uh, don’t worry I will... I just want to get up to 300 and then I”ll trim down. I won’t have any problem getting leaner once I put my mind to it.”

The tall bodybuilder moves his hand around TJ”s bloated roid gut, up over his thick right pec and around his big right shoulder. “So you sure now; you’re plenty big already but you wanna get real big, right?”

“Uh, yeah, that’s what I want,” TJ replied, getting a little agitated. All he came for was to get his new powerful drugs and be on his way and he’s getting a lecture on dieting versus bulking. “So are you gonna give me my shit?”

“Oh yeah, your gonna get it alright!” the tall muscle man answered as he turned away from TJ. In what seemed like an instant, the man had reached into the shadows of the hallway and produced a gigantic syringe, looking like something from a prop closet on a movie set. The needle itself was a foot long, and the clear plastic tube was nearly three feet long and a foot in diameter.

“Ha ha,” TJ said sarcastically, “Very funny. Now just get me my shit and I”ll be on my way.”

“Oh, this is no joke TJ. You’re about to get what you’ve asked for.” With that a wide grin spread across the man’s face revealing a row of crooked yellow teeth.

TJ was startled and now was getting scared. Before the beefy young bodybuilder could move, the tall man leaped towards him and rammed the end of the giant syringe directly into his bellybutton. TJ yelled in pain as the needle penetrated his protruding roid gut by two to three inches. The young man knew he had to escape, but if he turned left or right, the needle would tear a huge deep gash in his abdomen. He quickly stepped back.

But the sinister bodybuilder was anticipating this move. He pushed forward as TJ moved back so the needle remained in it’s position, penetrating the young mans muscle belly. BAM! TJ had backed into one of the huge metal cabinets and was now trapped by the needle in his gut.

“Now to make you bigger!” the evil bodybuilder began to laugh and pushed on the plunger at the end of the syringe. TJ looked down in horror to see his torso instantly began to expand. His already large pecs begun swelling up as did his rounded muscle gut. He noticed his thick forearms were growing and he could feel his arms getting further from his sides as his lats expanded as well.

“HOLY SHIT! I’M... I’M inflating... Like a balloon!” TJ said, his eyes wide and his voice shaking with fright.

The tall evil man continued to laugh, flashing the yellow teeth like a caution sign at an intersection. “You’re inflating aright, but it’s not air like a balloon... it’s muscle; and a little fat and some water... You’re gonna be HUGE! Just like you wanted!”

“BUT NO... WAIT... I DIDN’T MEAN... LIKE THIS,” TJ said still astonished at what was happening. He could see his pecs like half bowling balls sticking out from his chest cavity, but not nearly as protruding as the huge rounded sphere his roid gut had become. “I’m... I’m.. getting too big.. I’m gonna pop!”

“It’s a good think you’ve got young skin... it’s elastic enough that it can just stretch and won’t burst.. At least I don’t think you will!”

POW! POW! Clatter! Clatter! TJ’s eyes widen more. “What the hell was that?”

More laughter from the evil bodybuilder. “Buttons! Looks like you’ve busted out of your jeans! I think you’re gonna need to buy some new clothes.”

TJ realized how tight the material was around his quads. Although he couldn’t see much past his pecs and ball gut, he sensed his thighs were much bigger and heavier than before. He heard some ripping sounds that must have been the seams on his jeans.

The young man continued to stare at his expanding body and rub his hugely oversized muscle gut. “Dude, why are you doing this to me?.. Ya gotta make it stop!”

“Why, I’m just giving you what you asked for right? You’re gonna be the biggest, most bloated, strongest bodybuilder out there.”

TJ tried to see if there was any liquid remaining in the syringe. He didn’t think his poor body could take much more of this. Every muscle felt incredibly tight, like he had just completed a hardcore workout. But even more noticeable was how much heavier he felt; he wondered how much he weighed now.

And then suddenly it was over. The evil bodybuilder pulled the empty syringe out and stood it up against the far wall. He then stepped over next to the stunned TJ and began to pat his freakishly swollen muscle body. “So what do you think TJ? Big enough?”

The inflated young bodybuilder was too shocked to speak but continued to study his unbelievably oversized body. Then he caught a glimpse of his reflection in an old mirror leaning against one of the storage racks. He noticed is face was more swollen but he did a double take when he saw his muscle gut. There at the very crown of the perfectly spherical ball was now a belly button the size of a walnut. He attempted to touch it but couldn’t get to it as his now stiffly inflated muscle wouldn’t allow him to reach quite that far.

“Oh I forgot to tell you TJ, there’s a label on these drugs,” the sinister bodybuilder stated. “It says ‘Warning: may cause significant increase in appetite, rapid weight gain and extreme bloating.’” With that the tall muscular man patted the giant ball gut now sticking straight off TJ’s extremely muscular body. “It’s a good thing you don’t care about the side effects big guy!”

TJ was stunned and amazed at the change in his body. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” he asked the mysterious bodybuilder. “I’m a.... a...”

“Muscle blimp?” the evil tall man finished TJ’s statement and grinned his yellow toothed grin. “You’d make a good parade float; except instead of being blown up with air, you’re blown up with muscle!”  

The young bodybuilder’s ego started to take over and his emotion changed to anger at his torturer’s taunts. “I’m gonna kick your fuckin’ ass all over this place. You’re gonna look even uglier when I’m finished with you asshole!”

In an instant, the evil bodybuilder was across the room in the edge of the shadows. The unreal quick movement startled TJ but he stood his ground and began to clinch his fists in anticipation of a fight. But his tormentor had other ideas. His face became visible again and this time was twisted into an image of pure horror, with red burning eyes and crooked yellow teeth formed into a snarl. He held up another oversized syringe.


TJ nearly pissed on himself in terror. He attempted to run but was completely unable to move for a fraction of a second. Then the bloated young bodybuilder turned and ran for the door, expecting the needle to stick him in his ass or back at any second. He ran smack into the metal door, his protruding muscle gut hitting the handle first, sending the door flying open. WHAM! The impact of the door on the concrete wall was loud but TJ didn’t look back. He could hear loud laughter from the sinister muscle man which sent chills down his spine.

His vehicle was only a few dozen feet away. It wasn’t easy to run with his massive quads rubbing together and carrying so much weight, but he made it to the door of the Yukon fairly quickly, though it seemed like forever. The laughter was still audible but fainter; maybe he had escaped?

But TJ refused to look back, awkwardly wedged his oversized body into the driver’s seat and sped away, squealing tires and all. He finally allowed himself a glance in the rear mirrors.

Nothing. Nothing in the back of his SUV, unlike in all the horror movies he had seen. Just a fading view of what appeared to be the back of an ordinary shopping center, a paved access road and a few dumpsters. In only a few seconds he was at the main entrance in a line of cars waiting for a traffic light. Normal people doing normal things as they left or entered the retail center, going to the shops that were still open. Bright streetlights and plenty of cars full of smiling people made the scene so surreal.

TJ realized he was still breathing hard and made a conscious effort to relax. Did it even happen? He wondered to himself. The feeling of his wide shoulder now pressed against the side window and his bulging muscle gut wedged against the bottom of the steering wheel confirmed his fears - it was real. He was now a freakishly huge off-season bodybuilder and looked exactly as if he had taken a gross overdose of steroids and growth hormone. His first thought was to get to the gym and talk to Greg. Greg would know what to do.

TJ steered his SUV through the busy main street. He kept one hand on the wheel, while using the other to rub his giant muscle gut. It was difficult to focus on the road, as he kept looking down at his extremely muscular body with very mixed feelings.

The mega thick young bodybuilder was filled with different emotions. He had always wanted to be huge and he was now bigger than he had ever imagined. His biceps had to be at least 23" around and his chest was massive. TJ kept glancing in the rear view mirror, not of what was behind him, but to see his very full handsome face sitting on top of a bull like 22" neck. But his roid gut was ridiculously oversized. He patted the top of it. ‘Damn, this must be what it feels like to be nine months pregnant,’ he thought to himself. TJ continued to rub the swollen sphere and gave it a couple of sharp thumps. ‘It sure feels solid. It’s gotta be all muscle and bloat. No fat in here.’ His upper body was so thick, he reasoned, that he only had to reduce his gut somewhat to look awesome. And since it was mostly just bloat, it wouldn’t be hard to trim down. And since Greg would be able to help him get leaner, it wouldn’t be too long before he had that freaky huge build he’d planned for.

The swollen bodybuilder was paying enough attention to his driving to notice the traffic light had turned red and he guided his big vehicle to a stop. A large, brightly lit Taco Bell sign caught his eye. Now another feeling spread through his body. “Fuck, I’m starving,” TJ said out loud. He very quickly forgot about his rationalizing how easy it would be to reduce the size of his now huge ball gut. The young muscle man scanned the skies for a fast food restaurant that would be the most convenient to eat on the way to the gym.

He spotted a Krystal restaurant on the right side of the highway. TJ loved those little hamburgers and had been known to eat twenty in a single sitting. He turned into the parking lot and entered the drive through. The box told him that there was a two-for-one special that night. TJ grinned at his good fortune and ordered two dozen hamburgers. He pulled up to the window.

The eyes widened on the young woman when she saw the handsome, shirtless young bodybuilder with the huge round gut sitting in his lap. TJ paid and then waited for several minutes. The young woman leaned out the window and handed the big guy four huge bags. He took them and said thanks. TJ was in the habit of always checking his order before he drove away, just in case he was short changed on the food. The bags seemed larger than expected and when he peered into one, it was fuller too. He soon realized that each bag contained dozen burgers; they must have misunderstood his request under the two-for-one special. No problem, he thought. It wasn’t unusual for him to save some for the next day.

So TJ left the parking lot and turned onto the main street. As he drove, he reached into the closest bag, pulled a burger out of it’s little box and ate it in just two or three bites. Each burger seemed to taste even better than usual.
After a lot of stop-and-go traffic, the big bodybuilder turned off the main highway and onto a secondary road as he got closer to the gym. He reached into the third bag and found nothing but empty boxes. TJ was surprised that he had eaten thirty six burgers so quickly. He reached for the final bag that had slid against the passenger door.

In doing so his gut caught the bottom of the steering wheel, and the vehicle jerked off to the left and into the oncoming lane. TJ quickly sat back upright and grabbed the wheel, turning the big SUV back to the right. But he had overcompensated a bit and struggled with the steering wheel pressed into his gut to get the vehicle back on track. Finally he did.

The whole event had lasted maybe three seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. His heart was still beating faster than usual when he saw the flashing blue lights come up from behind. ‘Shit,’ he though, ‘They musta seen my swerving. FUCK! The last thing I need now is a ticket!”

TJ followed the standard procedure and pulled his truck over onto the shoulder of the road, near an upcoming turn lane so that the paved area was wider. He rolled down his window in anticipation of the arrival of the policeman.

Officer Burke slowly approached the large vehicle. ‘Another drunk driver,’ he thought to himself. ‘When will these jackasses ever learn?’ It was a week before the sheriff’s deputy turned fifty years old, but you wouldn’t know it by his thickly muscular build. The tight grey uniform struggled to contain the bulging muscles of the dedicated weight lifter as he strutted towards the parked vehicle. The officer leaned towards the window’s opening and noted how young the driver was.

“Okay, son, license and insurance.” He stared at TJ’s face. “You know you crossed the solid lines about three times back there. You been drinkin?”

“No, no, sir,” the swollen bodybuilder replied. He was attempting to retrieve the wallet from his back pocket but there was no way he could lift off the seat enough with his giant gut jammed against the steering wheel. “Uh, I’m having some trouble getting my wallet. I”m, uh, gonna need to get out.”

The officer’s eyes widened as he started to realize the extent of the young man’s bulk. “Ok, son, get out... and stand against the side of your vehicle... and do it slowly.”

TJ pushed the door open and Officer Burke stepped back, closely watching for any sudden or odd movement. But TJ was in no condition to move quickly and he staggered out of the opening and stood shirtless against the side of his SUV. He fished his drivers’ license and insurance card out of his wallet and handed it to the policeman.

Officer Burke was shocked. He could not believe the size of this young man. He looked blown up like a float in a holiday parade. “HEY FOX, COME HERE... CHECK OUT THE BEER GUT ON THE HULK HERE!” TJ noticed another sheriff’s deputy approaching that had “Officer Fox” written on his badge. He was younger than Burke and clean shaven, but had a similar muscular build to his mustachioed partner. Officer Fox approached TJ with a huge grin on his face. He pointed to the bloated bodybuilder’s huge gut.
“DAMN, Hulk, how much beer you got in that thing? Looks like you drank a pony keg than swallowed the barrel.” The younger officer touched the end of TJ’s freakishly protruding belly button. “And here’s the tap stickin’ out. You should have taken the spigot out before you swallowed the whole thing!”

TJ enjoyed the two muscular cops calling him Hulk but not so much the jokes about his giant gut. But he knew that the most important issue was convincing them that he had not been drinking.

“Nah, guys, I swear, I ain’t been drinking at all. I was just on my way to the gym.” TJ thought maybe more of an explanation was needed. “Ummm, I just got distracted for a second that’s why I swerved; I’m not drunk or nothing.”

“OK, son, we’re going to do a little test,” Officer Burke explained. “Walk this line.” He pointed to the white line along the edge of the highway lane. TJ’s eyes followed where the officer’s hand pointed and then frowned. “Uh, I don’t think I can... it’s not fair,” he responded.

“Yeah, cause you’re too...” the policeman started to reply but was interrupted by his partner. “Hey, he’s right. It’s not fair... To him anyway.”

“Huh?” Office Burke didn’t understand. His younger partner was grinning. “Check it out!” He patted the top front curve of TJ”s hugely swollen belly. “His ball gut’s completely blocking his view; he can’t see the line at all!”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” the muscular policeman stated. “I ain’t never seen that before.” He reached over and tapped the belly sphere. “Hell, that thing’s huge!”

Office Burke continued. “Okay, lets find something you can do.” He turns to his partner. “Meanwhile, go check his truck. See what you can find.” Officer Fox walks over to the passenger side door and starts to look inside.

“Son, put your arms at your side like this,” the officer instructed, holding his arms straight out from his body. “Then swing them around front and touch your fingers together.” The big policeman demonstrated.

“Okay,” TJ answered. He was able to get his huge arms into the beginning position and brought them together. But the motion stopped when his fingers were about five inches apart.

“Now bring them together!” Office Burke commanded. TJ tried but could not. “I can’t.” TJ complained, then looked down. Both the police officer and the swollen young bodybuilder could see what was happening. TJ’s pecs were so big that they could not be compressed any further, not allowing the young man to complete the assignment. The big officer could not resist and reached out and gave the left pec a poke. “SHIT! Those things are like concrete blocks! No wonder you can’t squeeze them any more!”

The policeman was still admiring TJ’s massive chest when his partner returned with a big grin on his face. “What did you find?”
Officer Fox answered. “Well, I think this guy’s telling us the truth. I found a bag with a dozen hamburgers in it and then three other empty bags, each one of them probably had a dozen burgers in them too.” His smile widened and he gestured towards TJ”s giant gut.

“He’s not swollen with beer, he’s stuffed himself with burgers!” Officer Burke grinned too but then leaned in towards TJ with a serious look on his face. “I could still charge you with D.W.B. ya know!”

“Huh?” the young swollen bodybuilder asked nervously.

“Yeah; driving while bloated!” The two officers looked at TJ then each other and laughed. Officer Burke handed TJ back his license and card. “Son, you can go, but hell, take it easy on the burgers. That thing looks like it’s about to pop!”

With one last poke of TJ’s ball gut, the big cop turned back towards his squad car. He and his partner were still laughing and talking about the incredible size of TJ as they sat in the front seat.

The huge young personal trainer got back into his SUV and drove off towards the gym.

TJ steered his Explorer into the generic strip shopping center that housed the Elm Street Gym. Only a few cars were visible in the dimly lit parking lot as the severely bloated young bodybuilder selected a space close to the gym but at the end of the non-descript concrete block building. He steps out and looks down at his swollen body. TJ rubs the sides of his perfectly rounded gut ball and feels embarrassed. He hopes Greg can help him deflate his giant belly but wonders how he’ll tell his weird story. The overblown bodybuilder realizes that he’s shirtless, which further emphasizes his protruding ball gut. So he opens the back door of his SUV and looks around for something he can wear.

TJ finds an old muscle shirt and pulls it over his head. The material is very tight over his now huge pecs, which makes the young man grin slightly. But a problem arises when he attempts to pull the shirt down over his gut... only about the top half of the sphere is covered when the shirt stops. ‘Shit!’ he thinks to himself, ‘I’m so fuckin’ bloated this shirt wont even cover my giant gut!’ But the young man realizes this is the best he can make of the situation. He hopes that the gym owner, Greg Porterhouse, can help him get his oversized ball gut back under control.

TJ walks into the gym, looking around for Greg, but hoping not too many other buddies are around that night. He knows they will rag on him for gaining so much weight, although he has a good excuse. Fortunately it is late enough that only a couple of guys are lifting and most of the gym is deserted.

“TEEJ! WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU?’ the swollen young man turned to see one of the regular lifters approach. Kevin was a naturally well muscled man that seemed to have the great genetics only a privileged few were born with. His eyes were wide with shock as he stared at the young mans extremely protruding midsection.

Kevin looked at TJ’s ball gut, then at his face then back at the swollen round belly.

“What did you eat? Did you swallow one of the medicine balls? Did it all of a sudden look to tasty to resist?”

TJ shook his head and sighed. “No man, you’re not going to believe this but the bastard I went to get my gear from injected me using this giant needle….I mean it was like fuckin’ three feet long I swear…” TJ rubbed the top of his round gut. “He kept injecting the gh and shit into me and I watched my body swell up like a balloon... especially my damn gut!”

Kevin had also noticed the significantly increased thickness of TJs’ chest and that his bis and tris were the size of a top professional bodybuilders. “Damn, how did you put on so much muscle in just the past week? What have you been doing?” Kevin felt up the young man’s hugely thick right arm. “This musta been a massive dose man... you’d better be careful takin’ so much.”

Then the big bodybuilder thumped TJ’s swollen belly. “And looks like you’ve been at the all-you-can-eat buffet non stop. I think you’ve had enough man. Looks like you could pop at any second!”

“Nah, man, this isn’t from overeating,” TJ continued to pat his ball belly. “It all just happened when that fucker stuck the syringe into my belly button and started filling me up.”

Kevin’s expression turned from one of disbelief to one of amusement. “Yeah,” he stated with a big grin, “You haven’t been overeating, just too much roids.” The muscular man reached out and gave JT’s ball gut a loud thump. “Yeah, this thing’s not overstuffed at all.” Kevin laughed.

TJ attempted to start over with his story but the other bodybuilder interrupted. Kevin turned to face the offices on the side of the gym and shouted, “HEY GREG, CHECK THIS OUT!” In an instant a well proportioned, older muscular man walked out, wearing khaki shorts and a tight fitting polo shirt that had “Elm Street Gym” written over the left side of his chest. Kevin was intentionally standing in front of TJ so that Greg, the gym’s owner, couldn’t get a clear view of the changes in the young man’s build. Just as Greg got close, Kevin stepped to the side, grinning ear to ear. “Check out your boy here Greg,” Kevin suggested, and pointed towards TJ’s huge ball gut, “Mystery solved as to where he’s been... on an all out eating binge!”

Greg’s eyes bulged. “HOLY SHIT, TEEJ! What did you do to yourself? You look nine months pregnant!”

“It’s not my fault man,”   TJ began to explain. “I’ve been trying to find a source for the new GH that’s supposed to be the shit for mass; that’s what I’ve been doing lately and why I wasn’t around as much as usual. But when I went to the guy that said he had it, he took out this fuckin’ huge needle and stuck the thing right into my belly button. He injected me with this crazy amount of GH that blew me up like this. I can’t believe this has happened to me!”

All the time that TJ was speaking, Greg had checked out TJ’s oversized muscles that had appeared to swell up in a matter of days. But then he stared at the perfectly spherical gut ball that now had a belly button the size of a walnut sticking out of it.

“You look like you’ve been inflated with an air hose,” Greg noted, “How much did you eat to get like this?” The gym owner gave the big muscle gut a slap. “You really over did it man, you’re gonna have to do some serious dieting to get this under control.”

“Look, I keep telling you guys, that I didn’t overeat… it was that bastard with the…”

“Yeah, yeah yeah,” Kevin interrupted. “It was a freaky bastard with a giant needle that stuck it in you and blew you up like a blimp. Right... Right... we know...”

Now Greg began to grin as he stared at TJ’s swollen gut. “Looks more like you’ve been stuffing this thing full non stop,” he gave the muscle belly a sharp poke. “You eat anymore and you’re gonna’ fuckin’ pop like a toy balloon!” He reaches out and tugs on the bottom of TJ’s shirt that rests on top of the gut ball. “And you’re gonna need some new clothes man… you’ve blown outta these. I wonder if Under Armour makes maternity wear?” Kevin and Greg both chuckled.

TJ was getting frustrated; he wasn’t looking for criticism, though he wasn’t surprised the guys made fun of him. The young man just needed the expert advice from the gym owner as to what to do. “Look you fuckers, I’m not eating that much... I keep telling you what happened.” He turns to the older bodybuilder. “So Greg, are you gonna help me get this roid gut under control or what?”

The man smiled and gently rubbed the top of TJ’s belly sphere. “Sure, it’s simple... your abs will be flat again after the baby’s born… and good news... looks like that should be any day now!” Both Greg and Kevin laughed again while TJ just frowned.

“But I…,”  TJ started to say.

Greg interrupted with a tone that had rapidly changed from joking to serious. “Look you fuckin’ blimp, I don’t know how you ate so much to blow up like the damn Hindenburg in just a week, but your gonna go on a competition type diet... and I expect twice a day cardio... and I mean SERIOUS cardio!” He thumped TJ’s giant gut hard and loud for emphasis. TJ was taken aback a bit but couldn’t argue with Greg’s recommendation. “Yeah, ok. I’ll..”

Greg interrupted again. “Come over here, let’s check the damage your eating binge has done.” The gym owner gestured towards the scales.

TJ waddled over to the side wall where a traditional tall scale with balances stood. Greg was watching the young man approach. “Damn, man, you’re guts so big you can hardly walk. You’ve gotta get rid of that thing!”

The young man attempted to step on the scale, but his protruding gut bumped into the post at the back of the scale before his feet could get completely on the black rectangle.
Both Greg and Kevin looked shocked. “Shit! Your fuckin’ belly won’t even fit on the scale!” Kevin exclaimed. Greg now had a look of disgust on his face. “Turn around fat boy, that’s the only way you’re gonna’ fit.”

TJ was embarrassed and quietly did as instructed. He could hear the creaks and groans of the scale with him on it and was waiting for the reading.

“Well?” the bloated young bodybuilder asked.
“FUCK!” Greg exclaimed. “YOURE THREE HUNDRED AND THIRY TWO POUNDS! You’ve gained over sixty pounds! That’s... that’s impossible!”

TJ stepped off the scale and turned to face the two men. Greg reaches out and starts to push in on the sides and front of the gut ball.

“This thing’s hard as a rock and heavy as shit... it’s like you’ve swallowed a giant boulder. Man you’ve got to get this thing under control. This ain’t healthy… just think how much fat there must be behind all this muscle to push your gut way out like that.”

Kevin chimed in. “I ain’t never seen a muscle gut that big... you Greg?

Greg replied, “No, not even close. He kept up his rubbing of the young man’s ball belly.
“Look, Teej, you need to get serious about this. I swear you look like you’ve got a medicine ball in your stomach and that’s WAY too much weight to gain in a short period of time, I don’t care what kind of drugs you’re on.”

TJ opened his mouth, but Greg held up his hand and grimaced “And I don’t wanna hear about no freaky bastard with a giant needle ok? Just stop grossly overeating, do a lot of cardio and you’ll be okay. The good news is that since you gained the weight so quick, you can lose it pretty quick.”

Greg gives the gut ball a few more thumps. “And you’ve gotta be holding a lot of water in this fucker for it to be so big, and that’ll go down once you eat clean and get on your cardio”

Greg began to feel some sympathy for the freakishly bloated young man. He patted TJ on the shoulder. “You’ve got a helluva lot of muscle Teej, just work on the diet and you’ll deflate down. Why don’t you go home and rest and come back early tomorrow and get on the treadmill for an hour before your first client?”

TJ grinned slightly and nodded ok. The young bloated bodybuilder waddled towards the door.
“Hey, don’t eat anything else tonight ok? Greg stated as TJ walked away. “You’ll bust open if you put anything else in that fucker!”

The door closed behind TJ and Kevin turned to Greg. “Why would he make up such a fuckin’ crazy story? But how does a gut get that big?”

Greg thinks for a second. “I don’t know…I’ve seen some big bloated roid guts… guys that let their midsections get out of control, but nothing like that. I mean Teej literally blew up overnight and his gut stuck out so far... it didn’t even look real at first.”

“Yeah, he was fuckin huge... that was funny what you said about him swallowing a medicine ball... that’s exactly what he looked like!”

Greg just mumbled yeah as he continued to think about what had just happened. Could TJ have been telling the truth? Nah, that’s too crazy… isn’t it? But why would he make up something so odd? And that is exactly what he looked like; as if someone had injected his belly button, blowing him up like a muscle gut balloon. And what’s going on with the other regulars that haven’t been around lately? Greg mulled over these thoughts and questions in his head as heard TJ drive away.
Nightmare at the Elm Street Gym: The Personal Trainer Part 1... In this story, the monster is not out to kill teenagers, but sadistically enjoys swelling up bodybuilder and jocks. His first victim is a young personal trainer at the Elm Street Gym. Hope you enjoy this first part!
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